Man in a quest to find his lost fam­ily


AMAN has launched a quest to find his frac­tured fam­ily. James Bam­ford was just 10 when his par­ents split up and he and his six sib­lings were put into care.

In the 46 years since he has never seen any of them.

James, who grew up in Mac­cles­field, has now launched an ap­peal to try and make con­tact with his fam­ily.

The 56-year-old said: “Ev­ery Christ­mas, birth­day or fa­ther’s day, I get the same painful re­al­i­sa­tion that I don’t know what hap­pened to my fam­ily.

“I have tried to find them, and some­times got very close, only for the trail to run cold. It’s dif­fi­cult to pick your­self up af­ter such dis­ap­point­ments but I want to give it an­other try. They may feel the same and won­der what hap­pened to me. It’s worth reach­ing out.”

All that James knows is that his fa­ther Philip Bam­ford left his mother Phyl­lis when he was about 10. Un­able to cope with the chil­dren, who were aged be­tween six and 12 - Phyl­lis is thought to have put six of them in care - Mar­garet, Cather­ine, Henry, Philip jnr, James and Alan.

Phyl­lis is thought to have moved to Stoke on Trent with her el­dest daugh­ter Pa­tri­cia, and died five years ago.

Cather­ine and Philip jnr are be­lieved to have stayed to­gether with foster car­ers in Mac­cles­field, as are Mar­garet, Alan and Henry, who was dis­abled.

James said he was put into a chil­dren’s home in Con­gle­ton.

He said: “I have no idea why we were all split up, but I never saw any of them again.”

Af­ter grow­ing up in Con­gle­ton James got a job work­ing at Step­ping Hill Hos­pi­tal as a porter.

He later moved to Black­pool where he has worked in ho­tel and fac­to­ries.

Over the years James had some fleet­ing con­tact with Pa­tri­cia and wrote to his brother Philip, but never got a re­ply.

He even vis­ited Stoke on Trent where he learnt of his mother’s death.

He has no idea if his dad Philip is still alive.

James, who is mar­ried with three step-daugh­ters, said: “I have my birth cer­tifi­cate and a few pa­pers with de­tails of my sib­lings, but that’s it.

“I don’t know where to start, so I am hop­ing by reach­ing out to my home town’s news­pa­per they will read it and get in touch.”

If you can help James re­con­nect with his fam­ily you can email him at dawn67@out­ or by call­ing his mo­bile 07749 034021.

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