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●● WE fea­tured a story about Nicky Make­peace, who spent many hours putting to­gether ham­pers to do­nate to the el­derly at Christ­mas. Andy Grant: Well done Nicky....the true mean­ing of Christ­mas X Paula John­son: What a lovely and amaz­ingly car­ing thing to do x David Evans: Well done young lady much RE­SPECT to you. Louise Potts: Well done hope you have a fab­u­lous Christ­mas xx Liza Joy Good­ier: Well done hun, fan­tas­tic ef­fort xxx Lily Rachel Tovee: Amaz­ing, well done xx Angie Pat­ter­son: Well done Nicky x Sarah Dun­levy Fd Stl: Fab­u­lous!!! James Hick­lin: Fan­tas­tic merry Christ­mas. ●● LOTS of you have some­thing to say about traf­fic is­sues af­ter a woman was in­jured in a road accident on Grapes Street. Toni Kelly: The traf­fic on th­ese side streets is hor­ren­dous, and it comes as no sur­prise that an in­ci­dent like this as hap­pened.

I live near Grapes Street, and ev­ery day is a bat­tle to drive down St Ge­orges Street, Lord Street, High Street etc, due to the num­ber of driv­ers who use th­ese streets as a short-cut to avoid Park Green traf­fic lights.

It’s time the coun­cil in­tro­duced traf­fic calm­ing mea­sures be­fore some­one is se­ri­ously in­jured or killed.

Wish­ing the vic­tim a speedy re­cov­ery. Penny Old­ham: To be fair if they sorted the phas­ing of the lights out on Lon­don Road less peo­ple would use it as a cut through.

Hav­ing said that hit and run is un­for­giv­able, no ex­cuses.

Lucky if you can safely do 10mph there. Best wishes to the per­son in­jured. Wish­ing you a speedy re­cov­ery x Sian Hussey: Wish­ing this lady a speedy re­cov­ery xxx Lu­cie Jones: I hope this lady is ok. We’ve re­cently moved from chapel street and it sadly doesn’t sur­prise me. A com­bi­na­tion of peo­ple us­ing it as a cut through and the abun­dance of non-res­i­dent park­ing made leav­ing the house with a buggy both very dif­fi­cult and dan­ger­ous.

One side of Grape Street has no pave­ment/ over­hang so you can’t see what’s com­ing as you’re try­ing to cross the road, worse if you have a buggy.

Some­thing does need to be done.

Es­pe­cially with Mads the­atre nights, the roads get much too full on both sides with parked cars around there making it dif­fi­cult to safely cross (or some­times even get down the pave­ments at all with all the wheelie bins so hav­ing to cross over/walk on road just to get a lit­tle fur­ther down the street) so there will likely be more ac­ci­dents for pedes­tri­ans un­less some­thing hap­pens (res­i­dent park­ing per­mits, dis­cour­ag­ing cut throughs etc).

I al­ways thought how aw­ful it must be round there if you are bad on your feet. Tasha Roper: The park­ing on those streets is crazy! Wish­ing her a speedy re­cov­ery x Lyn­don Swindell: It’s so un­for­tu­nate, hope the lady is okay. Sug­gest yel­low lines and traf­fic war­dens?

Or will that cause an­other up­heaval? Sharon Pol­lard: Ter­ri­ble, I used to live round the cor­ner, they park every­where all day and go to work, all the junc­tions are dan­ger­ous round there, hope they are ok. ●● THE de­ci­sion to stop pro­vid­ing A-level classes at Mac­cles­field Col­lege has caused con­cern among many of our Face­book fol­low­ers. Sian Hussey: I think this is ab­so­lutely ridicu­lous es­pe­cially as stu­dents are ex­pected to do some form of fur­ther ed­u­ca­tion ie A lev­els.

This is go­ing to put strain on the 3 main schools who are al­ready over sub­scribed. I per­son­ally found it bet­ter to at­tend Mac­cles­field col­lege for my A lev­els for many rea­sons.

I’m dread­ing when my daugh­ter is old enough to choose her high school and A level school. Mark Beres­ford: My daugh­ter is due to start at the Mac­cles­field Acad­emy next Septem­ber... We chose the Acad­emy know­ing she would go on to the col­lege to do A lev­els....What now??

This is a dis­grace as it leaves stu­dents in the lurch. Joe Wolver­son: I think Macc Acad­emy are go­ing to have to re­act pretty quickly. Was go­ing to send my kids there, but not likely to if I don’t know where they’d get to do their A lev­els.

Is there ac­tu­ally any spare ca­pac­ity at the other 6th forms?

In sym­pa­thy with Macc Col­lege though, the fund­ing sit­u­a­tion in FE col­leges is dire – they haven’t had the pro­tec­tion af­forded to schools, so I don’t know how they would com­pete. Karen Martin: My two go to the Mac­cles­field Acad­emy. I can now see stu­dent num­bers go­ing down if they can’t do A lev­els at the col­lege. Shame. Pete Watson: So does this mean that Macc Acad­emy will be offering A lev­els to its stu­dents af­ter GCSE level? Sa­man­tha Balme: This will mas­sively af­fect my daugh­ter who is cur­rently at Mac­cles­field Acad­emy and ap­plied to do her A lev­els at col­lege only 2 weeks ago, to then re­ceive a let­ter this week telling us of this crazy de­ci­sion.

She is now in a bit of tur­moil not know­ing what to do as not one of the schools of­fer the 4 sub­jects to­gether that she needs to get her onto the uni course of choice!

This could af­fect her whole fu­ture and will be ex­pect­ing a full ex­pla­na­tion from col­lege as to why they ac­tively en­cour­aged pupils to ap­ply there if they knew they were pulling the plug a week later? He­len van der Veken: Calm down! Kids at Macc Acad­emy have al­ways been able to ap­ply to any 6th form or other col­leges for A lev­els. That’s why all the 6th forms in the area have open days and re­cruit from other schools, their own pupils still have to ap­ply for places in their 6th forms!

I never in­tended my child to au­to­mat­i­cally choose Macc Col­lege af­ter the Acad­emy.

She would be en­cour­aged to look around. This doesn’t change our plans. I want my child to grow in the best place for her at this stage in her ed­u­ca­tion so that she is equipped to make de­ci­sions and enjoy op­por­tu­ni­ties when she is 16 and be­yond.

So far this smaller school is help­ing de­velop in a way I don’t be­lieve a larger school could. Tracy Swift: I did A Lev­els at Macc Col­lege and did fine, teach­ers were great, then I did an ac­tual col­lege course and well... Joy Swindells: What will hap­pen to older stu­dents who’d like to do their A Lev­els? Claire Lack­ford: I have two chil­dren at Parkroyal and, hav­ing looked round Macc High, was im­pressed with the staff and fa­cil­i­ties so planned to send them there.

Now I’m se­ri­ously con­sid­er­ing whether I will or if I’ll send them to Fal­li­b­roome, Tyther­ing­ton (or sub­ject to wind­fall, Kings) in­stead so they can have con­tin­u­a­tion from 11-18.

I doubt I’ll be the only par­ent think­ing that and the re­sult will be fall­ing in­take for the high school over the next few years.

I really hope they re­con­sider this de­ci­sion. Mau­reen Brind­ley: Very un­fair. If they an­nounced they would be stop­ping them in 3 years, that would be rea­son­able as it would give stu­dents time to re­think their op­tions. To just spring it on them is ridicu­lous. Julie May Bar­ton: Surely there won’t be enough spa­ces in sixth forms, so where will stu­dents go to do their A Lev­els?

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