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●● If you had a Christ­mas tree with­out roots, let it dry out then re­move the branches to use as twiggy sup­ports for plants in spring or take it to a coun­cil re­cy­cling cen­tre for shred­ding. ●● On your win­ter ram­bles around the gar­den, take the hoe with you and knock out weed seedlings be­fore they get too big. ●● If weather al­lows, treat out­door tim­ber with preser­va­tive. ●● Clean and lubri­cate gar­den tools. ●● Keep a bag of gritty sand on standby in the shed to sprin­kle on icy paths. It’s cheaper than salt, which also doesn’t do your paths any good when the thaw comes. ●● Spread or­ganic mat­ter such as well-rot­ted ma­nure or gar­den compost, even if the soil is rock hard. The soil will soon thaw when the weather im­proves. ●● Plan your veg­etable patch on pa­per so you know which seeds to or­der from cat­a­logues. ●● Prune stan­dard ap­ple and pear trees. ●● Con­tinue to wa­ter green­house plants spar­ingly and ven­ti­late the green­house. ●● Bring seed and pot­ting compost into the green­house sev­eral days be­fore use, to give it the chance to warm up be­fore sow­ing.

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