Thanks to pet dog river res­cue pair


ADOG owner who jumped in a freez­ing cold river to res­cue her pet has thanked two mys­tery men who helped her.

Beatrice Glover was out walk­ing her dog, Archie, along the River Bollin be­hind Tesco, when the five-year-old Jack Rus­sell leapt into the wa­ter. He be­came stuck in bram­bles when he tried to get out.

Beatrice, 24, even­tu­ally had to take the plunge her­self when she re­alised Archie couldn’t get out, and with the help of two passers by, was able to save her dog from drown­ing.

Now she wants to pub­licly thank her mys­tery res­cuers, who she says saved Archie’s life.

She said: “I don’t know their names but just want to say thanks very much. I thanked one man but the other walked away be­fore I had chance. We’d prob­a­bly have lost Archie that day if not for them. A lot of peo­ple walked past when they could see we were in trou­ble but th­ese men did a great job.

“With­out them I’d prob­a­bly have lost my dog, but thanks to them he’s happy, healthy and warm.”

Beatrice was walk­ing with her boyfriend’s mum, Mar­garet Bag­u­ley, 73, and her dog Free­way when Archie chose to take a dip.

She added: “It was aw­ful. I couldn’t reach him. He was cry­ing.

“Then two men came past, one with a dog and one on his own. The one with a dog tried of­fer­ing Archie some dog treats but he still couldn’t move.

“Nor­mally he’s good at get­ting out of wa­ter but this time ev­ery time ev­ery step for­ward he made, he went back as he was stuck in the bram­bles at the river’s edge.

“The men held my hand while I leaned in to try and lasso him but that didn’t work ei­ther so I just thought ‘I’m not los­ing my dog’ and I jumped in. It was freez­ing but the adrenalin kicked in.

“I grabbed Archie and gave him to one of the men, who put a lead on him, and kept him warm, while the other one gave me his hand so I could climb out. Res­cu­ing him seemed to take for­ever and when I did he was so frozen he couldn’t move his back legs and I had to carry him home, where I wrapped him in blan­kets in front of the fire.”

Beatrice, who lives with boyfriend Jonathan Bag­u­ley on Brock­le­hurst Av­enue in Hurds­field and works at the David Lewis Cen­tre, said: “Archie is a strange dog. He finds bits of wa­ter, jumps in, barks, then splashes his face. Archie’s my baby and part of the fam­ily. I think he’s a bit scared of open wa­ter now but he still jumps in the bath.”

●● Beatrice Glover with one of the two mys­tery men who helped her save pet dog Archie (in­set)

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