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●● Pro­tect vul­ner­a­ble plants from frost and wind dam­age and firm in plants lifted by frost. ●● Pot au­tumn-rooted fuch­sia cut­tings into small in­di­vid­ual pots ●● Put cloches in po­si­tion to warm the soil for early sow­ings of veg­eta­bles in March. ●● Top-dress pot­grown shrubs with fresh compost, scrap­ing away about 2.5cm (1in) of the old compost from the sur­face be­fore adding the new. ●● Prune win­ter­flow­er­ing jas­mine once the flow­ers have gone over com­pletely ●● Shorten sideshoots from the main wis­te­ria frame­work to en­cour­age flower buds ●● Wa­ter pot plants grow­ing at the base of your house walls as they can of­ten be shel­tered from rain by the over­hang of the house eaves and may dry out ●● When you have dug over an area in win­ter, cover the ground with a large sheet of poly­thene, an­chored at the edges with bricks, to keep off the worst of the win­ter weather and sup­press weeds ●● Buy onion sets and store them in a dry place, ready for plant­ing in March ●● Watch out for moles, which start to be­come more ac­tive now be­cause of mat­ing and nest­build­ing. If you can’t stand the thought of get­ting rid of them with tra­di­tional mole traps, and old-fash­ioned de­ter­rents such as moth­balls down the holes don’t work, make the most of the per­fectly sifted top­soil they leave on the sur­face.

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