Cre­ma­to­rium in cheap en­ergy plan

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ANEW heat­ing scheme to dis­trib­ute cheaper en­ergy to homes and busi­nesses could tap into heat from Mac­cles­field Cre­ma­to­rium.

Cheshire East Coun­cil is look­ing at op­tions to de­velop ‘dis­trict heat­ing schemes’ in Mac­cles­field which would pump hot wa­ter or steam into prop­er­ties.

Dis­trict heat­ing schemes al­low fam­i­lies to have hot wa­ter and heat­ing from a com­mu­nity en­ergy net­work rather than us­ing gas or elec­tric.

Hot wa­ter is pumped through un­der­ground pipes into homes where a spe­cially in­stalled units gives fam­i­lies the same con­trol over the hot wa­ter as a boiler. They can use waste heat from build­ings or in­dus­try so the schemes are said to pro­vide more sus­tain­able en­ergy and cheaper bills.

A re­port for the coun­cil iden­ti­fies three ar­eas which could have the schemes – the town cen­tre around Mar­ket Place, an area around the hospital and land north of Prest­bury Road in Prest­bury.

The re­port states one op­tion could be for waste heat from Mac­cles­field Cre­ma­to­rium to pro­vide hot wa­ter in the area around the hospital. A sim­i­lar scheme in Red­ditch uses waste heat from a cre­ma­tor chim­ney to heat a pub­lic swim­ming pool.

The coun­cil has now been awarded £40,000 of gov­ern­ment money to com­mis­sion a fea­si­bil­ity study on dis­trict heat­ing.

A spokesman said this will fo­cus on the town cen­tre and the coun­cil doesn’t yet plan to pay for a study into the hospital area which in­cludes the cre­ma­to­rium.

The spokesman said: “Waste heat from cre­ma­to­ri­ums is used ex­ten­sively on the con­ti­nent and was ap­proved in Red­ditch and War­wick.

“This is merely raised as an op­por­tu­nity in the re­port along­side other en­ergy sources and is some­thing that would need to be looked at in fur­ther de­tail if we de­cided to go ahead with fur­ther fea­si­bil­ity on the clus­ter around the hospital.”

The coun­cil an­nounced this week it is launch­ing a com­pany Cheshire En­ergy Net­works Ltd to de­velop dis­trict heat­ing net­works. The coun­cil could sell the heat to house­hold­ers or es­tab­lish an en­ergy sup­ply com­pany to carry out sales. The dis­tance of a home from the net­work will de­ter­mine if it can join but pipes can be run for sev­eral kilo­me­tres and as the net­work grows more cus­tomers can con­nect. Busi­nesses or landown­ers in­ter­ested in dis­trict heat­ing can email re­new­ables@

●● An idea to re­use heat from Mac­cles­field Cre­ma­to­rium has been mooted

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