Eye­sores and is­sues that may be first on the re­vamp hitlist

Macclesfield Express - - TOWN CENTRE FACELIFT -

PROB­LEMS and pos­si­ble im­prove­ments iden­ti­fied by coun­cil bosses. ●● CAS­TLE STREET

● The street fur­ni­ture doesn’t match, in­clud­ing the bol­lards.

● The paving is mis­matched, like a patch­work, and needs re­pairs.

● There is a mix­ture of sig­nage on the street.

● Mar­ket stalls on the street cre­ate a messy ap­pear­ance, such as with stock be­ing left on road.

● There are poor qual­ity road mark­ings.

● No En­try sign has faded. ●● MAR­KET PLACE AND MILL STREET

● Seats next to NatWest need re­paint­ing due to skate­board­ing.

● No En­try sign on the bar­rier is ‘ugly’.

● There is a no­tice­able dif­fer­ence in qual­ity be­tween the cob­bles on Mar­ket Place and Mill Street.

● There are main­te­nance is­sues with poor drainage and dam­aged grids,

● The lay­out of the street fur­ni­ture is poor.

● Main­te­nance is­sues give a poor im­age of the town.

● A coloured road resur­fac­ing could en­hance the street.

● Poor qual­ity sig­nage to be re­moved and re­placed.

● New lanterns could re­place a mix­ture of lamp­posts heads.

● New good qual­ity bol­lards could be in­stalled at the top of Cas­tle Street.

● Sig­nage to be re­viewed.

● New road mark­ings would im­prove the area.

● Rail­ings on ei­ther side of the en­trance to be painted.

● Street fur­ni­ture to be painted.

● Lights could be placed in the trees.

● LED up­lights could be placed on to town hall pil­lars.

● High qual­ity ma­te­ri­als would need to be used to re­flect the his­toric mar­ket square and as a pos­si­ble gate­way to Mill Street.

● The Back Wall Gate en­trance could be made into a spe­cial fea­ture.

● Re­view could be con­ducted into the lay­out of the street fur­ni­ture.

● Dead trees to be re­placed.

● Tem­po­rary tar­mac in tree pits to be re­placed with new trees. ●● EX­CHANGE STREET AND ITS CAR PARK qual­ity paving.

●● This post is in need of some TLC on Cas­tle Street

●● Crum­bling paving on Mar­ket Place

●● A rust­ing post on Mill Street

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