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●● THE coun­cil is to spend £1 mil­lion to give Mac­cles­field a facelift. We asked you where the money should be spent. Joanne Mill­ward: A mil­lion is not a lot so why not of­fer dis­counted rates to get lo­cal busi­ness peo­ple to open in the va­cant shops. When they start to turn an agreed profit get them to give an agreed sum back to pay for the tidy up. Let’s get creative to get the heart pump­ing again in our town. Jac­que­line Latham: Bring busi­nesses back to town, so many empty premises now. Also why you’re at it bring back MacDon­ald, as that did great where it was. Also sort that grotty bus sta­tion out its freez­ing in there and the toi­lets are aw­ful. Mel Anie: Ev­ery shop is ei­ther a char­ity shop or cof­fee shop, bring lo­cal busi­nesses back and lower the rates, I’d rather shop in Stock­port or Traf­ford cen­tre Gari Phillips: A town full of char­ity shops and op­ti­cians... Peo­ple will flock to see a new park bench on Cas­tle Street. Lynda Al­lis: There is such mas­sive po­ten­tial for Mac­cles­field to be a first class shop­ping cen­tre in­stead of the run­down place it has be­come. So many peo­ple live in the area, but so many go out of town be­cause what is there now in Mac­cles­field? Such a shame. Paul Bushell: Macc is as bled dry as Valerie Gaunt was in Ham­mer films. Most of what makes Macc bear­able are the lo­cal en­trepreneurs who open the small cafes and bars, but who seem to have very lit­tle help from the coun­cil. So much squan­dered po­ten­tial from those ‘in charge’. Sam­mie Evans: “The money will mainly be spent on new street fur­ni­ture, light­ing, green spa­ces and pub­lic art” – Erm why?? What ex­actly is the point of any of said “facelift” when most shops are boarded up/empty? It looks mis­er­able and is mis­er­able! Don’t get me wrong I to­tally agree it needs a facelift as it’s a dump. How­ever I doubt a bit of grass, a bench and some form of twisted metal (art) is go­ing to cut it! Sue Price: A for­tune was spent on the foot­paths on Mill Street. Block paving, so poorly laid it’s an accident wait­ing to hap­pen. Chris O’Neill: Good ques­tion to start with con­cerns both sides of the pic­ture on the story it­self... the for­mer Cheshire build­ing so­ci­ety build­ing and the for­mer post of­fice and part next door to it. Be­fore even go­ing any fur­ther. And why have they started sug­ges­tions for the cin­ema to be in the cen­tre again? Hon­estly, Lyme Green is a far bet­ter if you get an­other bus run­ning out there. What has been ear­marked for the site by the Swan With Two Necks, over from Domi­nos pizza and near the Wine Ware­house, where they are cur­rently in a de­mo­li­tion process?? Sarah Wid­dows: Not every­one can af­ford to go to Stock­port as a fam­ily via train. You’re ad­ding at least an ex­tra £20-30 for the fam­ily via train on top of cin­ema prices. I’m in favour of a cin­ema in town as Cinemac doesn’t of­fer enough choices and it will open jobs up. But that’s just my opin­ion. Gra­ham Brinkhurst: I fail to see how los­ing valu­able park­ing spa­ces by build­ing a cin­ema on the prin­ci­pal car park that serves the town cen­tre is go­ing to help the town’s revival. The ma­jor­ity of cin­ema­go­ers are go­ing to be there in the evening – when the town cen­tre shops will have closed. It needs to be in an area where there are a choice of places to eat/drink – and that’s not Churchill Way. Sarah Wid­dows: There are 4 other car parks in the town cen­tre, how many do we need? Los­ing one won’t make any dif­fer­ence. And if they put a car park un­der­neath u won’t lose any spa­ces. Kate Robin­son: The ex PO and Cheshire Build­ing So­ci­ety could both be con­verted to lots of 1-2 bed flats, along with all the derelict mills etc. Use empty build­ings be­fore en­croach­ing on our green belt. Mark Midge Mclough­lin: Money wasted every­where over ten years it’s been go­ing on with how many mil­lions been wasted with plans and more plans and meet­ings then more plans. Dave Pater­son: Macc’s not that bad mate. Mark Midge Mclough­lin: It’s not good though, it’s a town what’s been promised in­vest­ment for a decade. Kathryn Ashcroft: They need to get the whole com­mu­nity in­volved. Schools, groups, clubs. It might cre­ate a bit of pas­sion and a re en­er­gised love for the town we live in. Mi­randa Breen: A mil­lion is noth­ing! Macc needs busi­nesses in its many many empty premises. Un­til that hap­pens it will con­tinue to feel like the ghost town it is. Matt Pow­nall: I think I must go to town on dif­fer­ent week­ends than you, be­cause it’s al­ways packed with peo­ple. Don’t know where peo­ple get this “ghost town” im­pres­sion from. I can only think of a cou­ple of empty shops down the main sec­tion of Mill Street. I find plenty of shops for ev­ery­thing I need. Pam Bow­ers: I agree Matt Pow­nall, it’s al­ways busy when I go in town and there aren’t many empty shops now. Pete McGuck­ian: Give us back the pedes­tri­anised town cen­tre. It’s like a car park most of the time. Andy McGil­livray: See­ing as it’s a free for all, how about some speed humps down Great King Street to stop peo­ple rag­ging it down there. Karen Wor­thing­ton Green: I don’t nor­mally post on things like this and I know every­one won’t agree but there are worst places to live! Your town is what you make of it ... Yes it’s not ideal for shop­ping but we are all guilty in this coun­try we all use in­ter­net shop­ping! Her­bert Michael Jones: One mil­lion will not put Mac­cles­field or any other road right or town, we have lost the plot. Bethany Cooper: Are you se­ri­ous?! We have peo­ple liv­ing on the streets, we have kids go­ing with­out, pot­holes so big they lit­er­ally break our cars, fam­i­lies los­ing their homes, busi­ness go­ing un­der and you want to waste money on some­thing which re­ally isn’t go­ing to help?!?! Just crazy if you ask me. Fiona Safc Smart: I’ll be­lieve it when I see it, or hear it on here! Not lived in Macc for about 9 years now, and they were promis­ing to do up the town then! I hope they do, as parts of it are so beau­ti­ful. Wendy Brace­gir­dle: The We­ston shops, such an eye­sore, land over grow­ing at the side, all the paths are un­even and it’s a mess. The Moss got a make over why can’t the We­ston??? Sharon Pollard: Fill the empty ex­ist­ing shops. Trees and tar­mac do not bring peo­ple in to empty shops. Anne Pike: It’s such a shame that when any pave­ments need re­pair­ing, in­stead of us­ing the ma­te­ri­als they just shove a load of tar­mac down!! Mar­ion Bradley: Try spend­ing money on some roads. No one goes in town any­more, it’s rub­bish. Antony Allen: Why not in­vest the £1m against new busi­ness re­tail rates? Give new starters a two year break from pay­ing rates to es­tab­lish the busi­nesses. Michael An­drew Beresford: We need a safe town too. It’s like the M6 af­ter 4pm. Erika Groen­eveld: In gen­eral: put more trees back in cen­tre. Alix Lamb: What about Sun­der­land street? Deb­bie Wood: The whole town needs to be cleaned up and rates low­ered to at­tract more busi­ness. Zoe Shep­hard: There are many beau­ti­ful build­ings and green spa­ces in Macc. Claire Louise Frith: Stick­ing plas­ter to cover a gap­ing wound springs to mind.

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