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●● Plant aga­pan­thus bulbs in groups in large pots or di­rectly out­side in warm and shel­tered bor­ders. ●● Feed pond plants by push­ing fer­tiliser pel­lets down into the com­post of es­tab­lished wa­ter lilies and other aquat­ics grow­ing in bas­kets. ●● When flower stems ap­pear on straw­ber­ries, place ei­ther clean straw or poly­thene around the base of the plants so that fruit will be kept clear of the soil as it de­vel­ops. ●● If you missed out on rais­ing cab­bage or cau­li­flower for trans­plant­ing, late crops can be had by sow­ing di­rect in the bed. ●● Feed seedlings and young plants which are grow­ing poorly or have pale, yel­low­ing fo­liage. ●● Re­move faded flow­ers from daf­fodils, hy­acinths and tulips. ●● Pre­pare trenches for plant­ing out young cel­ery plants raised un­der glass. ●● A range of salad seeds, in­clud­ing al­falfa, fenu­greek and mung beans can be sprouted in jars on the kitchen win­dowsill to use in sal­ads. ●● Trans­plant young seedlings of cab­bages and other bras­si­cas sown in seed beds earlier in the year. ●● Con­tinue a weekly mow­ing regime of the lawn, low­er­ing the blades a lit­tle at a time as grass growth in­creases over the weeks.

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