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●● Tie in new shoots of au­tumn-fruit­ing rasp­ber­ries as they con­tinue to grow. ●● Sow alpine straw­ber­ries in a seedbed. ●● Take cut­tings from fuch­sias to pro­vide a batch of young plants which should flower in au­tumn. ●● If dry con­di­tions pre­vail, al­low some grass clip­pings to re­main over the lawn, which will pro­vide a mulch to re­tain some mois­ture. ●● Plant out hard­ened off an­nu­als when all dan­ger of frost is over. ●● Con­tinue to sow French and run­ner beans and erect sup­ports for climb­ing beans. ●● Start to cut lawns with nat­u­ralised bulbs, mak­ing the first cut high. ●● Harden off au­bergines, cour­gettes, pep­pers, pump­kins and toma­toes grown from seed be­fore plant­ing out­side. ●● Water the veg­etable patch reg­u­larly in dry weather. ●● Sow swede, beet­root, main­crop car­rots, peas, radish, cal­abrese and cab­bage. ●● Damp down the green­house reg­u­larly.

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