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●● Con­tinue to plant out sum­mer bed­ding ●● If you didn’t add slow-re­lease fer­tiliser to your hang­ing baskets and con­tain­ers, start giv­ing them a reg­u­lar liq­uid feed ●● Cut back ori­en­tal pop­pies when they have fin­ished flow­er­ing, to boost the chance of new growth and an ex­tra show of flow­ers ●● Plant out can­nas and lily bulbs which were pot­ted up when the weather was too cold out­side to plant ●● Tidy up spent spring bulbs, cut­ting down the fo­liage of nat­u­ralised bulbs if six weeks have elapsed since flow­er­ing ●● Sow ori­en­tal veg­eta­bles at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals un­til Au­gust. You’ll get quicker re­sults if you sow them un­der cloches ●● Har­vest early peas, cut­ting down the top growth of the plants af­ter har­vest­ing, but leav­ing the roots in the soil as th­ese will re­turn valu­able ni­tro­gen to it ●● Give box plants a quick trim to keep them in shape ●● Re­move sideshoots of cor­don toma­toes ap­pear­ing be­tween the cen­tral stem and the leaves. Each plant should have a sin­gle cen­tral stem to chan­nel the plant’s en­ergy ●● Cut back aubri­eta to stop plants look­ing strag­gly and giv­ing them a bet­ter chance of bloom­ing well next year

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