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Macclesfield Express - - LEISURE -

In­su­late con­tain­ers to re­duce the risk of roots freez­ing.

Tackle over­grown de­cid­u­ous hedg­ing, prun­ing it back hard to en­cour­age new growth for next sea­son. Don’t trim ev­er­green hedges now.

Ap­ply a bulky or­ganic mulch around the base of trees, shrubs and climbers.

Plant bare-root and con­tainer-grown roses.

Plant tulips, lilies and hy­acinths in beds, bor­ders and con­tain­ers.

Cut back the top growth on or­na­men­tal grasses that don’t look at­trac­tive at this time of year.

Thin out canes on es­tab­lished bam­boos.

Clear fallen leaves from the lawn, beds and bor­ders.

Brush toad­stools off lawns us­ing a broom.

Pro­tect less hardy bulbs such as ner­ines and aga­pan­thus by mulching the area where they are planted.

Send off for cat­a­logues from spe­cial­ist fruit tree nurs­eries.

Cut back faded fo­liage from pond and mar­ginal plants be­fore it falls in the water.

Prune red­cur­rants, black­cur­rants and goose­ber­ries if you haven’t al­ready done so.

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