‘I’d take var­i­ous routes to plan­ning sites and call on con­stituents’

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MR Lives­ley has re­sponded to a num­ber of ques­tions about his ex­pense claims for the 2014-15 fi­nan­cial year.

In the in­ter­est of fair­ness we are print­ing some of the ques­tions re­ferred to in the story and Mr Lives­ley’s full re­sponses.

We would also like to make it clear Mr Lives­ley claimed 45p a mile for travel. Coun­cil­lors can claim 52p a mile, depend­ing on en­gine size, and Mr Lives­ley claimed the lower amount.

We asked Mr Lives­ley about claim­ing 47 miles for a 32-mile round trip to Sand­bach 60 times, about claim­ing 16 miles for 10-mile round trips 219 times to Bolling­ton and about 84 re­turn trips from Mac­cles­field to Mac­cles­field at 12 miles each. Mr Lives­ley said: “The trips to Bolling­ton from Mac­cles­field take into ac­count the fact that I would take var­i­ous routes depend­ing on what ac­tions I needed to do en route – for ex­am­ple I often went through Prest­bury to look at plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tions on the North area agenda or those com­ing up on plan­ning lists that we were all sent.

“I would also call in on con­stituents on var­i­ous matters in and around Bolling­ton, or via Higher Hurds­field where I would visit sites and look at coun­cil is­sues such as blocked drains, signs or dog foul­ing is­sues that I had to re­port to the Higher Hurds­field Par­ish Coun­cil and/or Bolling­ton Town Coun­cil. I at­tended all meet­ings re­gard­ing high­way foot­paths and plan­ning items, and re­ported most days to the clerk at Bolling­ton Town Coun­cil on my find­ings and up­dates. I sent and re­ceived over 20,000 emails dur­ing my time rep­re­sent­ing the ward and some days I was re­spon­si­ble for sev­eral vis­its per day in­spect­ing new hous­ing sites. The Mac­cles­field trips were again not di­rect, as I often vis­ited sites re­gard­ing plan­ning and was in­volved in the ANSA set up which re­quired mul­ti­ple meet­ings with union rep­re­sen­ta­tives to dis­cuss the new com­pany.

“For Mac­cles­field to Sand­bach jour­neys, I went via the B5359 and A535 to avoid Con­gle­ton which was in­cred­i­bly con­gested and would cause me to miss sev­eral meet­ings had I not have the ini­tia­tive to go a dif­fer­ent way.

“The trip was 46.8 miles re­turn from my house and 52 miles re­turn from Bolling­ton; a jour­ney I took time and time again. Again, dur­ing my time as coun­cil­lor, I would some­times view sites that Cheshire East was look­ing at for a waste site be­fore Mid­dlewich was cho­sen.”

We asked Mr Lives­ley about claim­ing for meals be­cause he was away from home but ap­pear­ing to go back home as he also claimed for sev­eral re­turn trips dur­ing the same day, for ex­am­ple, June 4, 2014 when he trav­elled:

From Macc to Nantwich back to Macc (54 miles claimed)

From Mac­cles­field to Sand­bach back to Mac­cles­field (47 miles claimed)

From his home in Mac­cles­field to Mac­cles­field Town Hall and back (12 miles)

We asked if he re­turned to Mac­cles­field, why did he claim break­fast and lunch al­lowances for that day, to­talling £13.70?

Mr Lives­ley replied: “June 4 – rea­son for claim­ing was that I had a meet­ing in Nantwich and left home at 7am with next meet­ing in Sand­bach at 1pm. I then had a meet­ing at 2.45pm at Mac­cles­field Town Hall via town’s yard. I bought meals and ate it in a lay-by.”

He told the Ex­press: “I have per­son­ally reached out to the coun­cil to re­solve this mat­ter as quickly as we can.”

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