OUR new broad­cast­ing sched­ule started on Mon­day, February 6 and there are some changes that we think you’ll like. DJ Dippy has given him­self and Nick Wright a bit of a lie-in each week­day morn­ing as Mark Black­man starts the day with his break­fast show from 7am un­til 10am, be­fore Nick and Dippy present Rolled Gold from 10am to 11.30am.

Alan Nick­lin then presents Guilty Plea­sures be­tween 1pm and 3pm be­fore we wel­come back to our air­waves a cou­ple of pre­sen­ters who had taken a bit of a break.

Mark Ee­les and Scott Bar­ton will be on air be­tween 3pm and 4pm with the Af­ter­noon Show be­fore Matt Isaacs, our font of all mu­sic knowl­edge, is with you be­tween 4pm and 6pm with his Magic Months show. Evening shows in­clude Paul Truswell with Trussy’s To­po­graphic Tunes be­tween 8pm and 9.30pm and Mike Chisolm with Artis­tic Echoes be­tween 9.30pm and 11pm each Mon­day. Claire and Becks with Girl Talk be­tween 8pm and 9pm be­fore the Great Orme, Charles Ormerod, takes over be­tween 9pm and 11.30pm each Wed­nes­day. Thurs­days see Tr­ish Napier pre­sent­ing the Reg­gae Show be­tween 8pm and 9.30pm, warm­ing you up for Tony Prince and the Soul Show be­tween 9.30pm and mid­night.

All your favourites, in­clud­ing Fay Arm­strong, Tikki Black, Harry Atkin­son, Jonathon Cook and GW Brush are still with you.

See www.thethread. for de­tails.

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