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MY favourite duck recipe ever – the sheer com­bi­na­tion of the glo­ri­ous vel­vety but­ter­nut squash, the crispy duck and co­rian­der is a mag­i­cal com­bi­na­tion. 200g honey Two ta­ble­spoons soy sauce

Two ta­ble­spoons sherry

Two tea­spoons Di­jon mus­tard But­ter­nut Squash

One but­ter­nut squash – trimmed and de-seeded

One ta­ble­spoon olive oil Pinch curry powder 50g but­ter Method: 1. Rub the duck legs with the salt and leave in the fridge overnight – wash the salt off – place in a small deep bak­ing dish and cover with the goose fat. Place in a oven 120°C for two-and-a-half hours or un­til when you pull on one of the bones it comes out cleanly. 2. If serv­ing straight away re­move from the fat, re­move the bones and place un­der a hot grill for about two-to-three min­utes un­til crispy. 3. For the glaze – place the co­rian­der and mus­tard seeds on a tray, toast un­der a hot grill un­til a light golden, cool, then grind in a pes­tle and mor­tar. Add the honey, soy, sherry and mus­tard stir to­gether then sea­son to taste. 4. For the but­ter­nut squash – cut half of it into 2cm cubes, driz­zle with olive oil and pinch of curry powder. Roast in a hot oven 180C for ap­prox­i­mately 15 min­utes, if it starts to colour cover with foil. 5. With the re­main­der of the squash cut into small chunks and place in a casserole pan with the but­ter, cover and cook slowly for about 20 min­utes un­til soft. Blend to a purée then sea­son. 6. For the co­rian­der oil – blend the co­rian­der, spinach and oil to­gether. 7. When ready to serve spoon some of the glaze over each duck leg and grill un­til golden – keep bast­ing the duck through out the process. 8. Re­heat the squash purée and place a spoon­ful on each plate, place the duck on top and scat­ter around the diced squash – finish with op­tional chorizo and baby shoots and a driz­zle of co­rian­der oil.

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