Dear Vicki, Since get­ting my one-year-old Jack Rus­sell neutered, he has been wee­ing on me! I’m at my wits’ end. Please help. This could be due to ei­ther a med­i­cal prob­lem or be­havioural is­sue, so the first step is to take your dog for a check-up with your vet to rule out any health is­sues. If the med­i­cal check is clear, it is a be­havioural is­sue. Sub­mis­sive or ex­cite­ment uri­na­tion can be a prob­lem in younger dogs but they of­ten grow out of it. When he does it, ig­nore him. Don’t pun­ish him and only give him at­ten­tion and praise when he re­mains calm. Con­tinue pos­i­tive re­ward-based house train­ing and with time and pa­tience, he should learn to stop do­ing this. Your vet can of­fer a re­fer­ral to a be­haviourist if the prob­lem per­sists. Dear Vicki, I have a seven-weekold rab­bit, Thumper. When­ever I let him out to run around the gar­den, he hides un­der his hutch. Why does he do this? He is do­ing this be­cause his nat­u­ral in­stinct is to hide if he senses a threat. Rab­bits need to have lots of ac­ces­si­ble hides and bolt holes for a quick es­cape, other­wise they can feel stressed and ner­vous. It’s im­por­tant to pro­vide Thumper with these hid­ing places, such as large tubes and card­board boxes in the gar­den. Then, as he gets used to be­ing in the gar­den, he should gain con­fi­dence and ven­ture out. Rab­bits are so­cial an­i­mals and will be lonely if kept alone. Hav­ing an­other rab­bit com­pan­ion can also in­crease their con­fi­dence. Ask your vet about how to in­tro­duce an­other rab­bit to Thumper. There’s more in­for­ma­tion about rab­bit care at www.­bits.

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