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LOTS of our read­ers were pleased to read our story about the Old Sun­day School re­fur­bish­ing the seats in the au­di­to­rium where Cinemac is based. (Film-go­ers sit­ting com­fort­ably af­ter seat­ing re­vamp, Ex­press, March 8). Ju­lian Wilkin: Cinemac, in my opin­ion, was never about “com­fort­able” seat­ing...it’s about con­ve­nient, value for money en­ter­tain­ment, in an his­tor­i­cal set­ting! Long may it last and hope the peo­ple of Mac­cles­field con­tinue to sup­port it! If how­ever, that is in more com­fort­able seats...then so much the bet­ter! Michelle Moores: They’ll be ok when they’ve ‘squashed’ down a bit! My short legs were only just touch­ing the floor on the new seat­ing a cou­ple of weeks ago. Made my legs ache by the end of the film. Hema Od­e­dra: Fab news - although I didn’t mind the old seats, this is so much bet­ter, es­pe­cially for the longer films. Love sup­port­ing our lo­cal cin­ema x Val Fearon: Great news. Love Cinemac. Would be great to see them do­ing well despite pro­posed com­pe­ti­tion. Amy Wood: Bril­liant news! I love Cinemac and this will make it even bet­ter! Fiona Wal­ton: Time to leave the cush­ions at home! X Ruth Ken­dall: Bril­liant. I al­ways take my big squishy coat to sit on, I won’t need to now. Tracy Kyn­ner­s­ley: Never, ever un­com­fort­able. I’ve al­ways been able to sleep whilst my chil­dren watched your films! Caro­line Holmes: I think they are much more com­fort­able than the old seats. Sup­port your lo­cal cin­ema! Michael Farmer: Just need now to stop play­ing Jazz un­til the cur­tain rises! Janet Martin: Makes you won­der why we are get­ting a new 6 screen cin­ema. John Ben­nett: Hope this will shut up the moan­ers up!!!

LAST week the coun­cil ruled out any plans to give res­i­dents a year’s free coun­cil tax if they re­ported some­one for not clean­ing up their dog’s mess. ( No re­ward for dog foul­ing ev­i­dence, Ex­press, March 8). We asked our facebook fol­low­ers if they would re­port some­one. Ruth Ea­ton: I’d re­port them for noth­ing. It’s dis­gust­ing how many peo­ple still think it’s OK to not clean up af­ter their dogs. The walk to school has be­come an as­sault course of dodge the poo. Katie Brooks: Don’t even get me started with amount of dog [mess] around this es­tate! I’m fed up if the kids walk­ing in it or go­ing through it with the pram. I would re­port them for noth­ing. It’s ab­so­lutely dis­gust­ing how peo­ple can just leave it there on the street. Many times I have had a go at peo­ple for not clean­ing up there dogs mess! Luke McMa­hon: Yep def­i­nitely, it only takes 5 sec­onds to pick up your dog poo. Peo­ple that don’t are just plain lazy sim­ple as that and when you can pick up 300 nappy sacks from Tesco (that I use as poo bags) for about 40p there’s no ex­cuse. Michelle Moores: Yep! Us Puss Bank par­ents are out to catch who­ever lets their dogs mess round Bar­racks Lane and makes our chil­dren’s jour­ney into school an ob­sta­cle course ev­ery day! Rachel Hamil­ton: It’s all up Bux­ton Road too on the way to school, drives me mad too! Kim Dearlove Col­lier: Well said, I’m sick of it. Not just Bar­racks Lane, it’s all the way up Bux­ton Road! Les­ley Hill­house: Hav­ing two dogs our­selves it gets my back up when you see the amount not picked up, I have of­fered a poo bag to a dog owner who didn’t pick up their dog’s mess, only to get a mouth­ful of abuse. When I lived in Es­sex, the lo­cal war­dens signed up lo­cal peo­ple to re­port peo­ple who didn’t pick up, not to ap­proach the per­son but take a de­scrip­tion of the per­son and the dog, they would then keep a look out for them. Can’t say it al­ways worked but it did cut down the poo a lot, peo­ple who own dogs and don’t pick it up, should be made to walk a street full of it and see how an­noy­ing it is, so yes I would re­port some­one for noth­ing. Andy Hall: As a dog owner, this is get­ting out of con­trol. The rules are very sim­ple. If you own a dog, then YOU are RE­SPON­SI­BLE for col­lect­ing its poo and dis­pos­ing of it re­spon­si­bly IN A BIN! There is no de­bate here! Whilst walk­ing my dog, I see hun­dreds of black poo bags dumped on the ground. This is even worse, be­cause they don’t de­grade!!! PICK UP YOUR POO IN A BAG AND PUT IN A BIN WHER­EVER YOU ARE! If the coun­cil are not pre­pared to en­force the fines, by putting some form of ‘po­lice’ out there, how will these de­ter­rents work? The pub­lic are your best de­fence. Use them! Sue Lowe: I’m a re­spon­si­ble dog owner of two on the Bird Es­tate in Poyn­ton; or Dog Poo Es­tate as I like to call it! It gets my goat the amount of own­ers who don’t! It’s not the poor dog’s fault! What’s even worse is those who do pick up and then hang it on a bush or tree? What’s that all about? Andy Hall: Sheer lazi­ness Sue and no ex­cuse for it. Go to Tegg’s Nose and peo­ple put bags in the walls. Dis­grace­ful be­hav­iour. Debi Louise: As a re­spon­si­ble dog owner I get fed up of ig­no­rant peo­ple throw­ing dirt­ies as think­ing all dog own­ers don’t pick up - well I do! Rachel E Adams: Some own­ers let their dog poo out­side our gate and not pick it up. I don’t see how it’s fair for me to pick some­one’s mess in case me or my mum stands in it. Toni Kelly: We’ve got our own dog muck war­rior near South Park!! How­ever, when the dog muck is washed away by the rain, the spray paint re­mains!! Les­ley Smith: I’ve never re­ported any­one for any­thing as I be­lieve in karma, but this is­sue has re­ally af­fected our qual­ity of life and my son can’t even play out on the grass we own as dog own­ers al­low their dogs to use it as a pub­lic toi­let. Free coun­cil tax sounds like a much needed in­cen­tive!! David Black: I don’t like to re­port any­one but sure need some­one from the au­thor­i­ties to check South Park. Ev­ery time I take my kids they step in a poop left by some­one. Those peo­ple do not have any re­spect for the chil­dren. AF­TER be­ing over­whelm­ingly elected to rep­re­sent Bolling­ton, within a week I sat on my first full Cheshire East Coun­cil meet­ing.

The first item on the agenda was a ‘spe­cial meet­ing’ called by Coun Amanda Stott; the first time this type of meet­ing has ever been called at CEC.

The is­sue was the can­cel­la­tion of the free school bus ser­vice be­tween Bolling­ton and Tyther­ing­ton School.

It was the start of a two hour de­bate. One young mem­ber of the au­di­ence spoke pas­sion­ately and elo­quently, some coun­cil­lors even noted that it great to have a gen­uine de­bate at last.

It is gen­er­ally ac­cepted, by lo­cals and the CE Over­view and Scru­tiny Com­mit­tee (unan­i­mously), that the Mid­dle­wood Way is not, and never will be, an avail­able walk­ing route to school.

Even the for­mer CE leader said the route was not safe for chil­dren.

In a last minute amend­ment, £250k was ‘found’ from re­serves to fund a tou­can cross­ing across the Silk Road.

Amanda (Stott) and I are at a loss as to why CE did not to sup­ply the two elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives for Bolling­ton with the lat­est of­fi­cial doc­u­ments, yet Con­ser­va­tive coun­cil­lors had printed copies of a ‘risk assess­ment’.

The Port­fo­lio holder for High­ways does not re­turn our emails.

At the time of print­ing we are still wait­ing for a rel­e­vant and de­tailed risk assess­ment for school chil­dren to walk to school, from Bolling­ton to Tyther­ing­ton School.

One Con­ser­va­tive coun­cil­lor con­firmed the Tories had han­dled the whole is­sue ‘very in­eptly’. The Con­ser­va­tives voted for the ser­vice to be ter­mi­nated.

What’s next? We have asked Bolling­ton Town Coun­cil to in­ves­ti­gate fund­ing an in­de­pen­dent risk assess­ment.

Tyther­ing­ton High School is look­ing to take the is­sue to the om­buds­man. We might be down; but we are not out. The fight con­tin­ues.

Arthur Dicken, chair­man of Prest­bury Par­ish Coun­cil, no­ticed the early spring blooms in Prest­bury church­yard for this week’s Big Picture. Email yours to mac­cles­field­ex­press@men­media.co.uk

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