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FIG­URES from Public Health Eng­land show hun­dreds of young­sters in the town are very over­weight when they start and fin­ish pri­mary school. (Ex­press, Fe­bru­ary 15, p7) Lisa Matthews: When my son started pri­mary school his height and weight was mea­sured and ac­cord­ing to the BMI chart.

The BMI chart isn’t al­ways a true re­flec­tion of a per­sons weight so maybe this is­sue isn’t such a worry af­ter all? Lucy Eard­ley: Couldn’t agree more. Many in my daugh­ter’s class, were classed as ‘over­weight’ af­ter th­ese mea­sure­ments were taken and there is not one fat child in her class!

I will not be putting her for­ward for th­ese checks again. It’s my job to en­sure she isn’t un­healthy or over­weight but the BMI thing is clearly ridicu­lous and doc­tor’s agree. Lesley Anne Baxendale: Chil­dren are obese be­cause they are al­lowed to eat fat­ten­ing foods with­out get­ting the ex­er­cise to burn up the calo­ries. Ev­ery­thing in mod­er­a­tion & plenty of ex­er­cise are the answer. It’s the par­ents who need ed­u­cat­ing & so­ci­ety in gen­eral who need to wake up and re­alise that we eat far too much of ev­ery­thing! Re­bekah Wer­sh­bale: Go ve­gan! Revel in healthy chil­dren and a sus­tain­able fu­ture! And reg­u­lar, en­joy­able bowel move­ments!

PLUS Dane Hous­ing is des­per­ate to com­bat anti-so­cial be­hav­iour prob­lems at The Clock­tower in Mac­cles­field (Ex­press, March 22, p10). Many of our Face­book fol­low­ers were quick to de­fend the rep­u­ta­tion of the flats. Zoe Stu­art: I moved in on day one, and all of us on my side of the build­ing are hon­est, hard­work­ing peo­ple who all are very re­spect­ful of one an­other. We are all here still apart from two orig­i­nals, but the new ten­ants of them flats are just the same as the rest of us!

Don’t tar the whole build­ing be­cause of a few par­a­sites, it ac­tu­ally is a lovely place to live & I love it here! The ONLY let down is the car park­ing is­sue with hospi­tal staff/ vis­i­tors in my eyes! De­clan Reed: Bit of an over-ex­ag­ger­a­tion to be hon­est, Just be­cause there are a cou­ple of id­iots that live there does not mean it is a bad area. My dad has lived there for a while now and any trou­ble I have seen has been caused by the same in­di­vid­u­als over and over again so in­stead of la­belling the place get rid of cer­tain res­i­dents and the prob­lem will be re­solved. Matt Bar­nett: I nearly moved it to those flats too!! Glad I didn’t now!! Lesley Anne Baxendale: What a shame there are th­ese prob­lems. Why can’t peo­ple be­have them­selves when they live in such a lovely build­ing. Sh­eryl Tom­lin­son: Re­ally feel for the peo­ple that ac­tu­ally want a home and are proud of their en­vi­ron­ment.xx Sharon Pol­lard This is what hap­pens, they mix so­cial hous­ing with the rest of the de­vel­op­ment, I wouldn’t be happy THE re­turn of the Real Housewives of Cheshire to ITV Be (‘Macc mum has joined Real Housewives,’ Ex­press p27) cer­tainly got a lot of our Face­book fol­low­ers talk­ing, although not nec­es­sar­ily for the right rea­sons. He­len Clegg Cop­ping: An in­sult to your in­tel­li­gence and to the REAL housewives of Cheshire! Mar­garet Lovett: I’ve got far bet­ter things to do with my time than watch a pro­gramme about self ob­sessed, back stab­bing, bitchy ladies.... Thanks but NO! Lisa Marie Gosling: An in­sult to the true housewives of Cheshire! Never watched it, never will! Me­lanie But­son: Never watched it and never will be­cause th­ese peo­ple are clue­less. Wit­ter on about hav­ing nails done and mar­ry­ing rich sugar dad­dies. It’s a load of tripe! Give me a show about the work­ing sin­gle par­ents of Cheshire and their lives. Iona Rodger: Ha­ha­ha­hah love that show though Hazel Beau­mont: I thinks it’s funny. Lighten up it’s just ex­ag­ger­ated life.

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