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HAS any­one no­ticed the silk road flood­ing when it rains?

The rea­son is not hard to see –com­pletely blocked drains, look when you next drive down it.

It`s bad enough hav­ing third world pot hole roads to risk driv­ing car springs over- had to re­place my As­tra spring be­cause of one.

Still I sup­pose high­ways depart­ment does the best it can with the lim­ited fi­nances it has. Keith Win­nert via email


TEGG’S Nose, though for the pur­poses of this episode, per­haps it should be Tegg’s ears.

Last week, at our lo­cal beauty spot, Tegg’s Nose.

A beau­ti­ful day, the start of Spring. The coun­try­side sparkling, the many vis­i­tors, in­clud­ing our party of four, en­joy­ing the am­bi­ence, the peace, the sights and sounds and aroma of a de­light­ful coun­try place at its very best.

Walk­ers, folk ex­er­cis­ing dogs, chil­dren and pen­sion­ers blessed to be in with what must surely be the most at­trac­tive part of our county.

We had first heard it as we sat down, await­ing our lunch.

That dull mut­ter and low drone which a diesel engine -within a top of the range, Rover-makes when it is on.

Not loud, but in the con­text of the place we had come to en­joy, dis­tract­ing and re­duc­ing our plea­sure.

And of course that aroma, not of the coun­try but of ex­haust!

At first, we thought it would be switched off soon: but it wasn’t.

Dron­ing on and on for at least 15 min­utes.

There were two dogs in the boot space which was open, and the side doors were sev­eral times opened and then shut.

The oc­cu­pants car­ried on dis­turb­ing the tran­quil­lity which a score of their fel­low res­i­dents were en­joy­ing.

“I won­der if I might ask you to switch off your engine?” was my re­quest, when even­tu­ally I went over.

The look I re­ceived was enough to show that such a po­lite re­quest was not wel­come!

“I need it run­ning, to charge up the bat­tery, when the doors are open.”

I kid you not, that was ex­actly what was said.

Said ar­ro­gantly and dis­dain­fully, as though there was anger that I had in­vaded `her’ space.

And not a thought about how her selfish ac­tion(s) were in­vad­ing the space of a score of oth­ers? [As a highly ex­pe­ri­enced Grad­u­ate En­gi­neer, I know that ex­pla­na­tion was rub­bish!]

“Why do you want the engine off?” was asked. Asked with ar­ro­gance. “This is a tran­quil area, a pleas­ant coun­try place: we came for peace and quiet, not to hear the noise and smell of your engine?”

No fur­ther words were ex­changed. But there were looks and anger. Was there any ef­fort to com­ply? Quite the re­verse. There was clearly no change. Even­tu­ally, af­ter per­haps a fur­ther 10 min­utes, the doors were shut, the boot space locked and they drove away.

I am sure there will be some reg­u­la­tions about parked ve­hi­cles and en­gines run­ning un-nec­es­sar­ily?

Com­mon cour­tesy and good manners surely over-ride th­ese. Mike Blamey Roe­wood Lane Mac­cles­field


Dot Gil­man took this pic­ture of re­flec­tions on Mac­cles­field Canal. Email your im­ages to us at mac­cles­field­ex­press@ men­

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