Five go head to head


THE words peo­ple keep us­ing when I talk to them are ‘taken for granted’.

I tell those peo­ple there is hope.

Peo­ple ask me: “What hap­pened to the Tory Party?”

I say that’s why you need a par­lia­ment that works, hold­ing govern­ment to ac­count, ask­ing awk­ward ques­tions.

If Mrs May gains her ma­jor­ity, you’ll need an MP who will fight for you, not toe the govern­ment line.

Peo­ple tell me: “We thought we were do­ing the right things, sav­ing for the fu­ture, and now we’re afraid Theresa May is go­ing to take it all.”

I tell them they can change the fu­ture for a brighter, more hope­ful one.

I’m proud we are fight­ing a pos­i­tive cam­paign.

We can find the money for our NHS and so­cial care through a fair, hon­est tax rise and not through what they are call­ing a de­men­tia tax .

We can fund our schools prop­erly, so no school is worse off, so heads don’t have to send beg­ging let­ters or choose which sub­jects won’t have a teacher next year.

We can keep our ties to the EU, keep us in the sin­gle mar­ket so our busi­ness doesn’t have to suf­fer from Brexit and keep shar­ing re­search and sci­ence fund­ing so we don’t lose out on op­por­tu­nity.

We want our econ­omy grow­ing to set­tle the deficit, green so it’s sus­tain­able, built on qual­ity education so we are ready for high-tech ca­reers, re­ward­ing small busi­nesses and pro­tect­ing peo­ple’s sav­ings and re­tire­ment.

And that’s why more and more Mac­cles­field peo­ple say they’re vot­ing for the Lib­eral Democrats.

Af­ter the at­tack in Manch­ester my thoughts are with vic­tims and fam­i­lies. But also, I’m in­spired by the emer­gency ser­vices and cit­i­zens of Manch­ester ris­ing to the oc­ca­sion with love not anger. I’ve got hope.

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