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THIS week I’ve been in Al­sace, a wine re­gion which is unique in France and one of the world’s most dis­tinc­tive.

It’s an area that’s been fought over by the French and Ger­mans for cen­turies and even though it’s now in France most of the place names have a Ger­manic twang to them.

One of the wine-mak­ers we met, a young man called Mathieu Deiss, who makes some fairly rad­i­cal ‘field blend’ wines, told us over din­ner that Al­sace has some un­avoid­able com­pli­ca­tions for the con­sumer.

And, while this is true, it is the com­plex­i­ties of Al­sace ge­ol­ogy that of­fer greater re­wards for those in­trepid enough to in­ves­ti­gate its wines.

Even though it’s quite northerly for a wine-

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