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Plenty to har­vest now – cour­gettes, be­fore they turn to mar­rows, as well as se­cond ear­lies and main crop po­ta­toes, if the fo­liage is go­ing yel­low. French and run­ner beans can be cropped reg­u­larly, and onions, shallots and gar­lic are ready to dig up when fo­liage be­comes yel­low and flops over.

Check for cab­bage white but­ter­fly eggs and re­move. Do the same with black­fly on broad beans and aphids ev­ery­where.

Spot-treat lawn weeds or pull out by hand.

Cut back peren­ni­als which are fin­ished or those that will give a se­cond flush, such as hardy gera­ni­ums. Dead-head bed­ding plants and peren­ni­als.

Go­ing on hol­i­day? Move pots to shady po­si­tions and ask a neigh­bour to wa­ter them.

Pre­vent dis­ease by re­mov­ing rose leaves with black spot from the ground, and fallen dis­eased ap­ples or pears.

If you’re grow­ing fruit in con­tain­ers, give them a high potash liq­uid feed.

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