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COUN­CIL in­tro­duces ‘hid­den’ car park fee in­crease. Cheshire East has in­tro­duced a 20p ‘con­ve­nience fee’ this month for driv­ers us­ing the RingGo phone app (web­site): Jill Thoma­son-Ste­wart: It’s clear when you use the app, though. The me­ter/board says one price and the app says a slightly higher one. Doesn’t take a ge­nius to fig­ure it out. I’m sure you can sign up for news­let­ters or go to coun­cil meet­ings to find out this sort of triv­ial stuff. Lizzi Hether­ing­ton: Ac­tu­ally, it didn’t used to be and they don’t in­form you of the change. Francesca Stubb­sHayes: I think I read some­where that the 20p charge is a fee for the re­minder text you get 10 min­utes be­fore your park­ing ses­sion ex­pires (I could be wrong). I think this is def­i­nitely some­thing you should be able to opt out of. I’d quit hap­pily, keep track of my own time and save the ex­tra 20p each time I use the app. I find it use­ful us­ing the app as I very rarely have the right change, how­ever, the ex­tra 20ps can mount up. Joanne Mill­ward: Park­ing should be free in Mac­cles­field – our shops are strug­gling enough with­out fees and fines. It might en­cour­age shop­pers to stay longer, have a cof­fee or a bit more of a mooch if we weren’t keep­ing one eye on the clock – can’t the in­come be gen­er­ated else­where I won­der? Jean McKil­lop: I agree. The park­ing is too ex­pen­sive. Gareth Rem­blance: It’s more the fact that you can’t share tick­ets any more that’s a bit an­noy­ing. That em­bar­rassed walk as you be­grudg­ingly ac­cept a ticket with 34 min­utes left on it from a kind stranger, know­ing that you needed longer but didn’t want to of­fend them by say­ing no Kimberley Sarah Gavin: When I call to pay through not us­ing an app it does tell you about the ex­tra 20p charge and it does text you twice to let you know your time is nearly up and then when your time is up. I find this much eas­ier as I never have cash on me. Sarah Wid­dows: Peo­ple need to re­alise this isn’t some­thing new. This charge was there be­fore the new ma­chines were there. Peo­ple are only notic­ing it now be­cause they are now us­ing the ringo app. This charge was there over six months ago. Laura Dip­ple-John­stone: I have been an­noyed with the ex­tra charge for over a year when phon­ing up to pay for park­ing by card. Sarah Wid­dows: I was the same when I no­ticed so al­ways made sure I had change or if didn’t, parked on the car park be­hind. Just an­noy­ing that peo­ple are think­ing its some­thing new when its not. Richard James Pat­tie:

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