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£1,449 inc VAT from fave.co/2t0h8gj

It’s been nearly two years since Ap­ple up­dated the iMac, which may not seem like such a big deal, es­pe­cially for a desk­top com­puter. So, un­der­stand­ably, if you bought an iMac in the past three or four years, maybe you aren’t look­ing for a new com­puter right now. But if your Mac is

older than that, you’re prob­a­bly look­ing to up­grade, and it’s hard to con­vince your­self to in­vest in a com­puter that was re­leased so long ago.

Ap­ple has fi­nally up­dated the iMac, so if you’re in the mar­ket for a new com­puter, now’s the time to do some shop­ping. In this review, we take a close look at the high-end 21.5in iMac with a 3.4GHz Core i5 Kaby Lake pro­ces­sor, which sells for £1,449 (avail­able from fave.co/2t0h8gj).

Kaby Lake up­grades, new graph­ics, RAM

The 2015 21.5in iMacs had In­tel’s fifth-gen­er­a­tion Core pro­ces­sor, code-named Broad­well. The 2015 27in iMacs had In­tel’s sixth-gen­er­a­tion Sky­lake pro­ces­sors. The new 2017 iMacs have In­tel’s sev­enth-gen­er­a­tion pro­ces­sor, called Kaby Lake. The 21.5in Macs have dual-core Core i5 Kaby Lake pro­ces­sors, while the 27in iMacs have quad-core Core i5s. (Ap­ple of­fers cus­tomiza­tion op­tions to a Core i7 pro­ces­sor in some mod­els.) The pro­ces­sor in our £1,449 iMac review unit is clocked at 3.4GHz, and it has Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz.

Ap­ple also im­proved the graph­ics hard­ware. The £1,449 iMac in this review has a 4GB Radeon Pro 560, and all of the new iMacs ex­cept for the £1,049 (from fave.co/2t0hOCy) en­try-level model now use Radeon Pro graph­ics. The 2015 21.5in iMacs used In­tel Iris Pro Graph­ics 6200, while the older 27in mod­els used older Radeon cards. The new £1,049 iMac uses In­tel Iris Plus Graph­ics 640.

All new iMacs come with 8GB of mem­ory, and you can add more RAM when you or­der your iMac,

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