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If you’re specif­i­cally look­ing for brand-new games for Mac, re­gard­less of price, then you’re in the right place. We’ve picked through the list­ings and found the 10 most exciting new re­leases, in­clud­ing episodic as­sas­si­na­tion sim Hit­man, fan­tasy card-bat­tler The Elder Scrolls: Le­gends, and in­tense sci-fi strat­egy game Warham­mer 40,000: Dawn of War III.

1. Hit­man: The Com­plete First Sea­son Price: £39.99 (

Tired of games filled with mind­less killing? How about a game with thought­ful, metic­u­lous killing in­stead? That’s ex­actly what you’ll find in Hit­man, the new episodic re­boot of IO In­ter­ac­tive’s lon­grun­ning as­sas­sin se­ries. You’ll use a blend of stealth ma­noeu­vring, cos­tumes, di­ver­sions, and var­i­ous tools to plot and ex­e­cute your kills, hope­fully with­out ever be­ing de­tected.

Agent 47’s lat­est quest takes him to an ar­ray of dif­fer­ent des­ti­na­tions, each one con­tained within its own episode filled with mis­sions and ob­jec­tives. IO and Feral In­ter­ac­tive are sell­ing the Mac ver­sion as a com­plete sea­son, but the first episode is to­tally free to download.

2. The Elder Scrolls: Le­gends Price: Free from Steam (­kLj9m)

It’s been a busy few months for Bethesda’s fan­tasy favourite: Last month saw the re­lease of the Mor­rowind ex­pan­sion The Elder Scrolls On­line, and now free-to-play col­lectible card game The Elder Scrolls: Le­gends is avail­able on Mac via Steam. Le­gends takes the char­ac­ters, set­ting, and art­work of the vast role-play­ing games and trans­fers them onto dig­i­tal cards, which you’ll col­lect in the game and bat­tle against both com­puter and on­line play­ers. It prom­ises a large amount of sin­gle-player con­tent, but the big­gest draw is sure to be the re­al­time on­line com­pe­ti­tion, for which you’ll build your best deck to pre­pare for tense bat­tles.

3. Warham­mer 40,000: Dawn of War III Price: £39.99 from Steam (­d9ngd)

Mac play­ers only just got their hands on the pre­vi­ous game, Dawn of War II, last year – seven years af­ter its orig­i­nal PC re­lease. But this time around, Warham­mer 40,000: Dawn of War III has ar­rived just weeks af­ter the PC de­but, let­ting fans tear into this deep real-time strat­egy ex­pe­ri­ence while it’s still to­tally fresh.

Dawn of War III tosses play­ers back into the pop­u­lar sci-fi fan­tasy world, where in­tense bat­tles are waged be­tween the Orcs, El­dars and Space Marines. You’ll ex­pe­ri­ence massive skir­mishes punc­tu­ated by spe­cial Giant units and bat­tle­field­clear­ing spe­cial abil­i­ties, with a cam­paign that spans all three forces along­side on­line play.

4. Mi­cro Ma­chines World Se­ries Price: £24.99 from Steam (

If last year’s free-to-play Mi­cro Ma­chines for iOS saw Code­mas­ters lightly revving the en­gines of its clas­sic rac­ing fran­chise once again, then Mi­cro Ma­chines: World Se­ries is the real main event. Like the mo­bile re­vival, this Mi­cro Ma­chines puts you in com­mand of an ar­ray of tiny ve­hi­cles in com­par­a­tively large real-world en­vi­ron­ments, like a bed­room or bil­liards ta­ble. It looks largely sim­i­lar, tak­ing a Mario Kart-es­que ap­proach to speedy rac­ing with light­hearted weapons and at­tacks, as well as a bat­tle mode that cuts out the rac­ing. This one’s fully pre­mium, how­ever, with a £24.99 price tag and glossier pre­sen­ta­tion to take ad­van­tage of your Mac hard­ware.

5. Bl­itzkrieg 3 Price: £24.90 from Steam (

Crav­ing an in­tense World War II strat­egy game? Bl­itzkrieg 3 might fit the bill. It de­liv­ers large-scale bat­tles in which you’ll con­trol the USSR, Ger­many, or Al­lies in real-time com­bat.

While on­line bat­tles are sure to be the big­gest draw out­side of the cam­paigns, which col­lec­tively of­fer 63 to­tal mis­sions, Bl­itzkrieg 3 also has a unique hook in the form of Boris. Who’s Boris? Well, he’s claimed to be the world’s first neu­ral net­work AI in a real-time strat­egy game, which means he’s a skilled AI op­po­nent that plays in a re­al­is­tic fash­ion. Seems in­trigu­ing, though Steam re­view­ers are mixed on the game, with some fans say­ing that it loses the depth of past en­tries.

6. Pathfinder Ad­ven­tures Price: £18.99 from Steam ( If The Elder Scrolls: Le­gends doesn’t sat­isfy your fan­tasy col­lectible card-bat­tling needs, then maybe Pathfinder Ad­ven­tures will do the trick in­stead. Based on the phys­i­cal card game, Pathfinder Ad­ven­tures has you work to­gether with other char­ac­ters to take down dan­ger­ous mon­sters and se­cure an ar­ray of new loot and abil­i­ties. How­ever, there are some key dif­fer­ences here from Le­gends or even Bl­iz­zard’s Hearth­stone. It’s a pre­mium game, most no­tably, but it’s also a strictly sin­gle­player game, which means you’ll bat­tle with AI al­lies in­stead of real ones.

7. Pass­partout: The Starv­ing Artist Price: £6.99 from Steam (­cy4ty9) We have a lot of in­tense ac­tion games this month, but if you’re look­ing for some­thing a bit lighter, then give a look to Pass­partout: The Starv­ing Artist. It’s not quite like any other game out there, as you take the role of a French artist try­ing to paint mas­ter­pieces while learn­ing the ropes of the lo­cal art scene. You’re given a Mi­crosoft Paint-es­que panel that lets you bring your cre­ations to life on the in-game can­vas, and then they’re plas­tered up in art gal­leries and restau­rants as you try to “sur­vive your ex­pen­sive wine and baguette ad­dic­tion,” ac­cord­ing to the Steam list­ing. Be­yond the clever premise, Pass­partout also im­presses with its pup­pets-and­pa­per­craft aes­thetic.

8. First Strike: Fi­nal Hour Price: £10.99 from Steam (­goope) What kind of thing can be both first and fi­nal? Atomic bombs, nat­u­rally – and you’ll have to try to avoid a nu­clear hor­ror in First Strike: Fi­nal Hour for Mac. You might have al­ready en­coun­tered First Strike on iOS or An­droid, where it’s been out for a cou­ple of years, but now it adds some con­tent and up­grades the graph­ics for Mac.

First Strike: Fi­nal Hour lets you take con­trol of one of a dozen dif­fer­ent nu­clear su­per­pow­ers around the world, giv­ing you ac­cess to an ar­se­nal in­clud­ing in­creas­ingly-pow­er­ful rock­ets and mis­siles. You’ll have to nav­i­gate con­flicts as they arise, and fend for your­self as pro­jec­tiles fly around the glossy globe.

9. Tor­men­tor X Pu­n­isher Price: £5.59 from Steam (­q4Ln) Tor­men­tor X Pu­n­isher is a wildly chaotic ar­cadestyle shooter that finds you blast­ing hordes of fast-mov­ing mon­sters to bits. They’ll sur­round your char­ac­ter and back you into cor­ners, but luck­ily, all of them can be killed with a sin­gle shot. There’s just so many of them around you at all times.

Raw Fury’s lat­est game is aes­thet­i­cally abra­sive, with huge blood spat­ters, quite a bit of vul­gar­ity, and a blis­ter­ing speed metal sound­track. It also takes place on “Planet F—- You,” has boss en­e­mies with names like BIGBONES and GUTSHANK, and lets you reload one weapon by fir­ing the other. If that all sounds ap­peal­ing, then Tor­men­tor X Pu­n­isher’s rel­a­tively cheap thrills should sat­isfy.

10. Cold Waters Price: £29.99 from Steam (­ufn) Got a soft spot for sub­marines? If so, you’ll prob­a­bly want to point your at­ten­tion to­wards Cold Waters. De­signed as a spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to Red Storm Ris­ing, a 1988 PC game based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, Cold Waters puts you in com­mand of a nu­clear sub­ma­rine at­tempt­ing to stop an im­pend­ing war with Rus­sia.

The real-time com­bat re­quires me­thod­i­cal strat­egy, with a cam­paign mode that in­cludes more than 40 au­then­tic ships and sub­marines. Steam user reviews have been very pos­i­tive over­all, with most of the play­ers prais­ing the at­ten­tion to de­tail and level of chal­lenge for diehard sim­u­la­tion fans to en­joy.

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