Ad­just the spellcheck lan­guage

MacOS has a sys­tem-wide spellcheck fea­ture. For­tu­nately, this can be ad­justed by the user. Glenn Fleish­man shows how

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Since the spellcheck in macOS is sys­temwide, you should be see­ing this in more than one ap­pli­ca­tion if it’s hap­pen­ing in Face­book via a web browser. There is a lan­guage set­ting for your Face­book ac­count, but it doesn’t seem to in­ter­act with spellcheck, which is a sys­tem func­tion. Fur­ther, if you change your Face­book lan­guage, it changes

its in­ter­face to use that lan­guage, which would be ob­vi­ous to you.

You should look in two places to see if macOS pref­er­ences changed:

• In Sa­fari or any app that lets you type, click in a field or a page to get a cur­sor and then se­lect Edit > Spell­ing & Gram­mar > Show Spell­ing and Gram­mar. This float­ing pal­ette may be set to Au­to­matic by Lan­guage. Set it to UK English and see if that solves the prob­lem.

• In the Lan­guage & Re­gion sys­tem pref­er­ence pane, English/English (UK) should ap­pear at the top of Preferred Lan­guages. Drag it to the top of the list if not. You can re­move any other lan­guages that you don’t speak or want to ap­pear.

Fail­ing that, you can dis­able au­to­matic spell-check­ing within Sa­fari (or any app). In an app, choose Edit > Spell­ing & Gram­mar > Check Spell­ing While Typ­ing and Cor­rect Spell­ing Au­to­mat­i­cally one af­ter the other to re­move their check­marks.

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