Ben­e­fit of Brexit is sim­ple: it’s democ­racy

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YOUR cor­re­spon­dent, Bren Urm­ston, (M.E.N. View­points, Oc­to­ber 4) ‘Promised Land’ leader is still bang­ing his drum to try per­suade the Bri­tish tax payer that we should pay bil­lions of pounds to let the EU con­tinue to med­dle in our demo­cratic af­fairs.

He wants to know what ben­e­fits there is in leav­ing the EU – sim­ple Bren, we would con­trol our own bor­ders, money and laws.

It’s called a democ­racy. Gra­ham Stringer MP

Can’t get no sat­is­fac­tion

WHY is there such a clam­our­ing for an­other Brexit vote? Has it just dawned on the re­main vot­ers that 52 per cent is greater than 48pc and they need to change tack to get the re­sult which they wanted?

When David Cameron or­ches­trated his cam­paign of fear he warned that the ref­er­en­dum could be de­cided by as lit­tle as one vote, upon which he would set in mo­tion the wishes of the win­ning side.

He was backed in this by such self-in­ter­ested politi­cians and celebri­ties who thought their opin­ions car­ried more weight than the per­son in the street. Such apoc­a­lyp­tic pre­dic­tions of what would hap­pen on the day after the ref­er­en­dum made it dif­fi­cult to sleep at night.

From what I read and see, some of those who voted to stay in the EU haven’t slept since as they looked into their crys­tal balls and know ex­actly what the fu­ture holds.

I can’t pre­dict the fu­ture but I do know what has hap­pened in the past. It was David Cameron, not Boris John­son and Nigel Farage, who high-tailed it leav­ing oth­ers to cope with im­ple­ment­ing Brexit.

Boris John­son, as part of the Gov­ern­ment, is do­ing what the Prime Min­is­ter has asked him to do.

When peo­ple ac­cuse oth­ers of ly­ing they should be pre­pared to give de­tails of those lies, but not the old ‘Brexit bus’ story again, which, to any­one who can read, was not a lie.

I pre­dict that if an­other ref­er­en­dum is called and it re­turns the same re­sult as the last one, those who clam­oured for it will still not be sat­is­fied. Alan Craw­ford, via email

Teach some dis­ci­pline

THEY should cer­tainly bring back Na­tional Ser­vice. I have said that for years. It would teach dis­ci­pline and re­spect for other peo­ple, plus get them do­ing some­thing con­struc­tive.

The prob­lem is that they are bored and need some­thing that oc­cu­pies them.

It also gives them train­ing for dif­fer­ent types of jobs. Joan Rath­burn, Chea­dle Hulme

Prob­lem not just youth...

I RE­SPECT­FULLY dis­agree with much of ‘Mos­ton Ob­server’s’ let­ter.

As for get­ting ex-mil­i­tary to in­stil dis­ci­pline and re­spect into us young peo­ple (I’m 47, by the way), the writer pre­sumes that all ex-mil­i­tary ser­vice­men and women are of im­pec­ca­ble char­ac­ter.

I sug­gest Mos­ton Ob­server re­fer to the Deep­cut Bar­racks al­le­ga­tions in Sur­rey, or a 2014 Guardian ar­ti­cle, quot­ing Min­istry of De­fence statis­tics that the Forces’ bul­ly­ing was on the in­crease.

Please un­der­stand, I be­lieve our forces are truly fan­tas­tic ser­vants to our coun­try and on­go­ing free­dom, but in all forms of life, re­gard­less of pres­tige and po­si­tion, there are some truly vile peo­ple who have no busi­ness in­struct­ing oth­ers how to be­have.

The fact is an­ti­so­cial be­hav­iour ap­pears worse as its high­lighted and re­ported more and more, and po­lice re­sources are strug­gling to cope with the de­mand on its ser­vice.

I note Mos­ton Ob­server refers to peo­ple of all ages be­ing dis­re­spect­ful. I agree with some of that.

Every­day at the bus sta­tion, peo­ple in their 70s/80s push to the front, while I queue for the bus.

No ‘please & thank you,’ or glance or smile. I’m happy to let the el­derly go in front, es­pe­cially if they’ve mo­bil­ity is­sues, but some of them could show some good grace and grat­i­tude. It’s not just some young/ youngish peo­ple that lack re­spect and courtesy. R Snow­don, Ast­ley Bridge

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