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REA­SONS WE LOVE Zla­tan Ibrahi­movic num­ber 1,265 – he com­pares him­self to movie ac­tion hero In­di­ana Jones! The 35-year-old has hit 24 goals since ar­riv­ing at Old Traf­ford and has the op­tion of stay­ing for an­other sea­son. We re­ally hope he does – be­cause he's just as big a leg­end as Indy!

Th6e Big Now tackle MOTD’S epic Big Six Quiz on our web­site! mot­d­mag.com/ game-zone ring conque loves Zla­tan worlds as much new Jones! In­di­ana as OF SENSE R! HUMOU CTIVE DISTIN LOOKS! ZLA­TAN SAYS “Peo­ple who know me know that I play for many clubs and I t

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