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“Stay patient. Don’t go for the nut­meg straight away oth­er­wise you’ll hes­i­tate and your op­po­nent will swoop in to tackle you!” “Con­fuse your op­po­nent with skills, but let them feel com­fort­able enough that they stick a leg in to try to win the ball!” “Per­form skills that look as if you’ve lost the ball, like let­ting it run away from you. This will tempt the de­fender into a tackle!” “An­a­lyse which foot your op­po­nent favours – this will help you to de­cide which skills you'll use to try to panna them!” “Once you know which foot the de­fender favours, wait for their at­tempted tackle, spot the gap and per­form the panna. Boom!” For more panna videos, visit


Su­per­sonic speed­sters se­lect the Ve­locita. Pass-pingers pick the Ac­curo and those tip-top touch masters must have the Me­dusae. This new colour col­lec­tion from Um­bro has some­thing for ev­ery baller!

£135-140 Un­avail­able prodi­rect­soc­cer.com

Fancy a bar­gain? Check out the Ve­locita 3 Club instead! The ice-cool Ac­curo is a beast! lat­est Our fave from Um­bro’s ask­ing col­lec­tion? Thanks for – it has to be the Ve­locita! 10 things we’re lov­ing this week! um­bro.co.uk £25 Ve­locita 3 Club This con­figu

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