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FIVE read­ers will win an exclusive day of pre-match fam­ily fun be­fore head­ing to the Eti­had to cheer on the boys in blue! For a chance to win, tell us: who is City’s top scorer this sea­son?

De Bruyne



The chase is on! There are 20 sick dis­tricts for you to ex­plore in Lego City – you can hunt car thieves, cap­ture mis­chievous aliens, res­cue lost pigs and track down hun­dreds of col­lectibles. The two-player co-op­er­a­tive mode lets you track down crim­i­nals as a team!

£6.97 Tackle mud! ama­ £179.99 Lego Tech­nic Porsche! smyth­ water­ £6.99 Jun­gle book! FREE £30 jd­ £20 The La­coste look! Boss it on the go! On­li­ne­soc­cer­man­ager App Store & Google Play £24.99 Synth kit! tech­will­

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