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New Bal­ance have given their Vis­aro and Furon boots the black-and-white treat­ment again! Their black­out and white­out colours were some of NB’S most pop­u­lar de­signs last sea­son so they’ve re­peated the trick for 2017-18! They’re ac­tu­ally so spe­cial that only the pros get to rock them for now!

TBC TBC new­bal­

1 FEET & BACK! Drop it in to the feet of a team-mate, who will re­turn it with a first-time pass. You can then play the ball out! Three moves for you to try out this sea­son… 2 GO LONG! If you’re un­der pres­sure at the back, launch it up the other end of the

Th­e­se­black­out and white­out­boots are su­per­lim­ited edition! THIS WEEK'S TOP 10 BITS OF KIT! The best new swag with MOTD ex­pert Ketch! KETCH SAYS Th­ese clas­sic-look­ing New Bal­ance wheels look sicker than ever! £22 Champo League ball! prodi­rect­soc­ £3.9

£4.99 Spidey-mug! dis­ney­ £15 1 MAN. UNITED EX­EC­U­TIVE PEN AND CASE FREE Top Foot­ball Man­ager! Ap­ple Store & Google Play £5 2 AR­SE­NAL PEN­CIL CASE ar­se­ £49.99 SUP­PORTER STA­TIONERY! £23.99 Trainer king! adi­ £38 Ney­mar Me

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