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This pink-and-grey Nike pack has only been made avail­able to play­ers born in 1995 or later! They must also have an in­ter­na­tional cap – so look out for them on the feet of young ballers like Ous­mane Dem­bele, Joshua Kim­mich and An­dre Silva! You can buy them too if you want to!

£60 to £250 £65 to £150 prodi­rect­soc­

1 STRAIGHT RUN-UP! Luiz de­lib­er­ately doesn’t an­gle his run-up so the keeper has to keep guess­ing which way he’ll aim. Keep it straight! How to hit a free-kick like the Chelsea de­fender! 2 SIDE-FOOT CON­TACT! Rather than strik­ing with his laces, the Brazili

£49.99 Amer­i­can FIFA! £14.99 THIS WEEK'S TOP 10 BITS OF KIT! The best new swag with MOTD ex­pert Ketch! KETCH SAYS That Op­ti­mus Prime mask is amaz­ing. I'm or­der­ing one for Paz – he'll love it! Prime mask! ar­ Th­e­seare made­foryou! Ju­nior

£34.99 Worn­by­rob New­cas­tle El­liot, &Rep.ire­land 1 ONE GLOVE JU­NIOR NOVA TYPE 2 theone­ £44.95 PSG third kit! FREE Foot­ball Club Logo Quiz! Ap­ple Store & Google Play GK'S UNION! £28 Worn­by­gian­luigi Ju­ven­tus& Buf­fon, Italy 2 PUMA ONE GRIP

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