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THERE’S A SICK Minecraft-in­spired Xbox One S due out soon, along with some wicked con­trollers. Our fave is the Creeper de­sign — even the but­tons have been up­dated. Epic! Don’t scroll on your phone while the game loads – there’s a fea­ture on the load­ing screen that lets you prac­tise get­ting your swing right. Prac­tice makes per­fect! The ar­row in the top right of the screen shows the wind speed and di­rec­tion. This af­fects where your ball lands on long shots, so pay it some at­ten­tion! If you need a quick boost, play a cus­tom game and turn on Mega Cups. It's eas­ier to putt into th­ese huge holes – they'll have your score drop­ping in no time!

Get hands-on with a sick new Creeper con­troller! PICK OF THE WEEK! JAKE SAYS Th­ese con­trollers might be one for your Christ­mas list, as they don’t come cheap! MOTD magazine points you in the di­rec­tion of some­thing awe­some! FORZA 5! The new Forza drops pre

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