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is on flames! Pick op­tions for the two squads, like play­ers just from the Prem, and PES will select a ran­dom squad for you to play with! Set-pieces are hard to score, but they’ll be much eas­ier with the ex-eng­land cap­tain lin­ing up to take them. Cor­ners, free-kicks, penal­ties – you name it, Becks will ace it! Diego’s rat­ing may be a lit­tle low (level with Firmino at just 83) but we bet he’ll feel bet­ter in-game! De­fend­ers will be fall­ing over them­selves try­ing to stop him! Three un­stop­pable Liver­pool strik­ers have also made the new game – while Michael Owen is the nip­pi­est, we want Rob­bie in our squad – he’s a fin­ish­ing ma­chine!

Check out Ar­se­nal's Me­sut Ozil in the new Barca kit! Pick and choose in ace Ran­dom Se­lec­tion mode! PICK OF THE WEEK! MOTD magazine points you in the di­rec­tion of some­thing awe­some! MAS­TER LEAGUE TRANS­FERS! Sign­ing on as the boss of your fave team is cool,

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