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POKKEN ROCKS A MIX of old and new Poke­mon in this beat-em-up – their su­per moves are sick. Get­ting to grips with it is tough, but worth it when you're de­stroy­ing your mate’s Charizard with lit­tle Pikachu!

£29.99 £37.49 £24.95 The Takeover game! ama­ wh­ smyth­ £6.99 Foot­ball School Sea­son 2! Kidi­zoom ac­tion cam! £59.99 £99.95 Sit back and GAME! FREE Per­fect Kick! App Store & Google Play £11.99 Lego speeder! ar­gos.c

This­bruis­eris­the world­heavy­weight Machamp-ion! Tour­na­ment DX! Poke­mon + Tekken = Pokken The best tech with MOTD ex­pert Jake! bat­tle You can here – from ev­eryw vol­cano es! to are­nas the Look at Sci­zor! size of Out now on Nin­tendo Switch! £49.99 4/5 JAKE S

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