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HARRY WRIGHT, 10, bags a sweet snap with Spurs boss Mauri­cio Po­chet­tino in New York! JOSEPH WAUGHMAN chills out in the West Ham chang­ing room! JACK CLIF­FORD, 8, se­lects his in­cred­i­ble Euro­pean dream team!

BENI AND ETHAN read MOTD on the way home from Charl­ton train­ing! BARTON JU­NIOR COLTS U-9s show off their awe­some dab­bing skills! ALFIE is all smiles af­ter be­ing a mas­cot for West Ham v Hud­der­s­field – awe­some!

No­tice any­thing dif­fer­ent about me, Ketch? Times Square! This is so sick! PAZ! Win­ner of the week! KETCH! Woah! Is that a new watch, Paz? POS­ING WITH POCH IN NEW YORK! Ozil Our win­ner of the week gets an amaz­ing Mitre ball! CON­TACT MOTD! pazand­ketch@ mot

Dy­bala Come on, you Ad­dicks! ADDICK-TED! DAB'S AMAZ­ING! HAPPY HAM­MER! WATCH IT Check­out­motd Kick­about,satur­days at7.45amon­cbbc! Paulo picked this hi­lar­i­ous ET fil­ter for a re­cent up­load! la ba dy ulo pa @ o: ot Ph 18 SEP 21 SEP Suarez Spencer worked with

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