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Fly down the left wing with the ball. Once at top speed, do this all in one move­ment – put your right leg in front of the ball and re­verse it back in­side the de­fender with your left in­step!

A Ney­mar is e all night­mar year round! Boot of the week: New Bal­ance Furon Flare! Trick or treat Tekkers spe­cial! Trans­form­ers toy! How to park the bus and shut down the oppo at­tack! Spooky games to play on Hal­loween!

THIS WEEK: HAL­LOWEEN SPE­CIAL! MOTD mag's Stobbsy has got a tekkers trick or treat for you! TRICK: CRUYFF CUT-BACK! TRICK: RABONA! STOBBSY SAYS Luck­ily for you, this is just a game – so you can have th­ese tricks AND th­ese treats! S! O? LD ICK NA RO TR OR A

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