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Jake’s heat maps show that he was run­ning all over the place – a bit like Jamie Vardy. It’s not about sprint­ing around like a head­less chicken, though – Jake's runs need to be smarter so he can last a full 90 min­utes! Play­ertek also has a handy stat-split­ting fea­ture that analy­ses your per­for­mance in each half. Jake’s stats show that he held back in the first half, but tried to make up for it by up­ping his in­ten­sity in the sec­ond!


Cristiano Ronaldo and Lieke Martens cleaned up at FIFA'S Best Awards last month, so Nike have re­leased spe­cial edi­tion boots in their hon­our. Ron­nie’s new Mer­cu­rial CR7 Mel­hor kicks are a plat­inum up­grade to his Chap­ter 5 Mer­cu­ri­als, while Martens has had player edi­tion Mer­cu­ri­als made espe­cially for her!

7 HEAT MAPS! 8 FIRST HALF v SEC­OND HALF! MOTDTIP! Thei­de­alis split­be­tween a50-50 –play­er­s­like halves from­minute Kan­terun the­fi­nal­whis­tle! one­un­til FI­NAL VER­DICT! Jake says: “I’m buzzing with my stats, to be hon­est! My sprint speed isn’t too far off Sane a £11 Dark side astros! C-ron's wheels sil­ver look fresh! The best new swag with MOTD ex­pert Ketch! KETCH SAYS Fancy some­thing a bit less ex­pen­sive? Check out the slick Sondico astros be­low! prodi­rect­soc­ £52 Bella cam­i­cia! ls Mer­cu­ria '

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