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Take a dive and win a free-kick!


Want to dic­tate the play or dev­as­tate the de­fence? Want to do it in blue? Now you can. The New Bal­ance Furon 3.0 has a sick roy­al­blue colour­way with red high­lights, while the Vis­aro 2.0 boots now have a sweet bolt-blue bor­der. If they’re good enough for Je­sus Navas and Kevin Mi­ral­las, then we’re on board!

Three things you need to play in the Kyle Walker role! Cedric­soares hunts­the­ball down fromizquierdo! 1 STAMINA! The job of a wing-back is to work up and down the line all game long – you’ll need a good en­gine to keep up! 3 PACE! Walker uses his speed in

THIS WEEK'S TOP 10 BITS OF KIT! The best new swag with MOTD ex­pert Ketch! KETCH SAYS What’s that smell? Oh right, that’s the smell of a bar­gain! £17.99 On Blaze boots! £40 Saves for days! prodi­rect­soc­ Pro ver­sion £170 Ju­nior £45 prodi

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