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He’s big, he’s white, he makes you feel all right, Baymax, Baymax! The puffy med­i­cal droid helps ge­nius kid Hiro and his crew of tech-heads take down the bad guy who’s stolen Hiro's in­ven­tion! When Tony Stark's peace-keep­ing pro­gramme goes rogue and de­cides to wipe out ev­ery­one on the planet, it's up to Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and the other Avengers to save the world. AGAIN! The Boov in­vade Earth to es­cape the Gorg, only for Oh to ac­ci­den­tally in­vite them to his party. Earth girl Tip is on hand to help stop Oh's species from get­ting de­stroyed! The jok­ers dig into the life of Shake­speare be­fore he be­came Le­ices­ter boss… soz, be­fore he started writ­ing those plays they make you study in school! Dusty's life is dull, dull, dull now he's had to quit rac­ing – but he's ON FLAMES and be­comes a hero when he gets a new job as a fire­fighter!

Barge the rest of the fam­ily off the sofa, call dibs on the re­mote con­trol BIG HERO 6 AVENGERS: AGE OF UL­TRON Man. new Unite d's home looks kit si­i­ick ! HOME Headto ra­di­o­ for allthechrist­masshow­times! BILL Hor­ri­ble­his­to­ries PLANES: FIRE AND RESCU

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