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Ask the fam for their Box­ing Day score pre­dic­tions. Write them down, then care­fully cut out this form and stick it on your fridge. Play­ers get 3 points for a cor­rect score, 1 point for a cor­rect re­sult and zilch for any­thing else! Add up the scores and re­veal your fam­ily's pre­dic­tion king on Box­ing Day night!

Say the sur­name of a ran­dom footy star. The next per­son has to name another player whose sur­name be­gins with the last let­ter of the pre­vi­ous player’s sur­name. If you can’t do it – you’re out!

+ the fam­ily to take on their MOTD mag's dy­namic duo chal­lenge you and GAME ONE GAME Bournemouth v West Ham Chelsea v Brighton Hud­der­s­field v Stoke Liver­pool v Swansea Man. United v Burn­ley Tot­ten­ham v Southamp­ton Wat­ford v Le­ices­ter West Brom v Ever­ton

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