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When you’re hav­ing a mega footy sesh, comfy boots are a must! If you’re look­ing for an up­grade, then Um­bro has you cov­ered. They’ve made some su­per-comfy boots for play­ers who never stop run­ning. The UX Ac­curo II Pro boots have been built with ac­cu­racy, bal­ance and con­trol in mind, so your game will get a boost, too!

£150 £28 Prodi­rect­soc­

Raise your game with Nike’s new in­no­va­tions! 1 TOUCH ELITE GLOVES! WHAT’S NEW? No straps, less bulk and a flex­i­ble wrist­band – these are built to un­leash a shot-stop­per’s po­ten­tial! HOW WILL IT RAISE MY GAME? “I feel like I have a lot more con­trol in thes

THIS WEEK'S TOP 10 BITS OF KIT! The best new swag with MOTD ex­pert Ketch! KETCH SAYS If you like an old-school Um­bro vibe, take a peek at these wheels! prodi­rect­soc­ £25 Back in black! prodi­rect­soc­ £35 Save in­vaders! £22 Ju­nior ver­sion You’

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