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With bet­ter weather on the way, Con­cave's wheels have been given some hot new colours. The Atomic Burst pack has given the Aura, Volt and Halo boots a fresh lick of paint – plus they're fit­ted with Con­cave’s trade­mark Pow­er­strike tech, which helps add bite to your strikes!

£150 £45 prodi­rect­soc­

Are you confused with your coach’s ran­dom shouts from the side­lines? Here’s what they all mean, read­ers! “STEP UP!” “PRESS!” What they mean: Ev­ery­one What they mean: When needs to push higher up your team doesn't have the pitch. This is usu­ally pos­ses­sion

THIS WEEK'S TOP 10 BITS OF KIT! The best new swag with MOTD ex­pert Ketch! KETCH SAYS The red Con­caves don’t come in kids’ sizes, so peep these fiery Nikes! Nice Nikes! prodi­rect­soc­ £30 prodi­rect­soc­ £10 For the Fu­ture! FLY­ING COLOURS! £10 J

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