Stitch up your buddy with this sneaky FIFA 19 set-up!

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On FIFA19, go into Clas­sic Match in Kick Off and click tri­an­gle (PS4) or Y (Xbox) un­til the teams are level on 85 rat­ings. This new set­ting puts ev­ery team on a level play­ing field – try it with a great team, like Barca, against a weaker one, like Mac­cles­field. Shock your mates by beat­ing the megas­tars with a min­now!


Bag some sug­ary stuff in re­turn for let­ting your pal thrash you on

They might have the brag­ging rights for the day – but you'll have some­thing a lot sweeter. Yummy! Use a game you’ve al­ready com­pleted to do some swap­sies! Lend some­one your copy of Crash­bandi­coot in re­turn for a nice slice of their Hal­loween swag. It’s a mas­sive win-win sit­u­a­tion. Yay! If a pal is hav­ing rub­bish pack luck, give them a hand! Make a deal with them – if you pack noth­ing good, they don’t give you any­thing, but if you pack some­thing great, they give you some munchies!

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