‘Bradley needs to make his move’

The curly-haired won­der has to keep his eyes on the world stage


Ilike Bradley Ray. He’s im­pressed me this year. But is it al­ready too late for him though? It de­pends what his as­pi­ra­tions are. Does he want to be BSB cham­pion? WSB cham­pion? Mo­toGP cham­pion? If he wants to make it in Mo­toGP, he needs to make that move as soon as pos­si­ble. Where he goes next is key. He’s too tall for Moto2, I think. He’d have to go straight to Mo­toGP if he went that way! It’s hard for young Bri­tish rac­ers. The tim­ing has to be right and there are only a few select teams you want to be in at World Superbike level as there’s only a hand­ful with bikes good enough. If you’re not on the Kawasaki or Du­cati, would you want to be in WSB at the minute?

I guess the racing is closer this year, but the other teams still have a way to go if they are go­ing to catch up.

Bradley has to go some­where, but he’s young so he can al­ways come back if he needs to. He’s been bril­liant for Bri­tish Su­per­bikes. He’s proper quirky and I love that. His team boss Stu­art Hicken is steer­ing him along, and it’s work­ing. I liked work­ing with Stu­art, he is fair, straight and gets the best out of his rid­ers. He got the best out of me in 2004 that’s for sure (I won three TTs that year).

But the young­ster has to tread his path care­fully and make the right choices be­cause there’s he might only one chance. That be­ing said, there’s noth­ing wrong with BSB. You can earn good money there! I’d sooner be on a com­pet­i­tive BSB bike than get­ting smoked in WSB. Peo­ple have done it be­fore from BSB: check out Cal Crutchlow! He was win­ning BSB races and then he won WSS and went to Mo­toGP. Sam Lowes is an­other. It’s pos­si­ble but he has to move up as soon as the op­por­tu­nity ar­rives.


McGuin­ness reck­ons Bradley is too tall for Moto2. So Mo­toGP or WSB it is then

It’s more fun on a fast BSB bike than get­ting smoked on a slow one in WSB

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