‘Elec­tric bikes are too heavy and ex­pen­sive’

Zero TT win­ner sparks de­bate over the fu­ture of mo­tor­cy­cling



Peo­ple ask if elec­tric bikes are the fu­ture. They aren’t, not for a while any­way. I’d love to say yes with my Mu­gen hat on, but with my heart it’s a big no be­cause we just don’t want them. It’s in­ter­est­ing and I love the tech­nol­ogy, although I have no idea how it works.

I can’t un­der­stand how a mo­tor­bike can go that fast off a bat­tery. Elec­tric to me is like magic. How the f**k does that make a quar­ter of a tonne ma­chine go like that? I un­der­stand petrol go­ing in, fire, com­bus­tion, but elec­tric bikes baf­fle me.

I would love ev­ery­body to ex­pe­ri­ence what I’ve ex­pe­ri­enced on the Mu­gen, be­cause it’s been amaz­ing. It breaks my heart that I couldn’t ride it this year. I can ride the Nor­ton, a Blade, what­ever, when­ever I want, but I might never get the chance to ride some­thing like that again.

It’s a lovely thing to ride, pain­less. It ab­so­lutely feels like a mo­tor­bike. When I’m rid­ing it at the TT I am com­pletely on-point, con­cen­trat­ing re­ally hard to squeeze ev­ery­thing I can out of it. No­body ever sees it be­cause they’re in the pub. I don’t think any­body re­alises just how good those bikes are.

It will fil­ter down to road bikes and be a good thing even­tu­ally. Maybe we have to go to hy­brid first so we can still have an en­gine. We live in a crazy world at the minute and we’re prob­a­bly not too far off the govern­ment clamp­ing down on bikes, they don’t want mo­tor­bikes do they? The first tele­phone was a joke but you can fly to the moon on an iPhone, so even­tu­ally I think elec­tric bikes will get there. At the minute they are too heavy and ex­pen­sive.

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