Keep it down


Ev­ery week I read about the de­vel­op­ment of some new rider aid which will help us through sit­u­a­tions thrown at us by be­ing on a mo­tor­cy­cle; you know the stuff I’m talk­ing about, lean an­gle ABS, trac­tion con­trol, self-ad­just­ing sus­pen­sion and all the other giz­mol­ogy. But then I turn to page 12 and see the Blog Off col­umn “Strug­gling to keep it up, boys?”. Why on earth you would want to waste good pa­per print­ing an ar­ti­cle on such a stupid and point­less ac­tiv­ity as wheelie-ing a bike? Nigel Lo­mas, email

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