It’s Bri­tain’s best road test route. A tough 250-mile mix of A and B-roads, a stretch of busy mo­tor­way, plus plenty of towns, vil­lages, blind cor­ners, bal­lis­tic straights, and a huge range of grippy to slippy tar­mac. There are two cafés, an off-road sec­tion for ad­ven­ture and trail bikes, track time for sports­bikes, and Brunt­ingth­orpe Prov­ing Ground and the dyno for hard and fast data when needed. You want an­swers? We’ve got ’em.

Round town we flick the Du­cati into rain mode B4632 A44 A439 A46 A422

Out of town and with the weight off your wrists you’re laugh­ing

B4525 A413 Su­per Sausage, A5 A5 A508 A509 A422 A45 A4280 A605

In stan­dard trim it’s the Du­cati that has the edge on ev­ery­thing ex­cept brak­ing

Find some bends and the R6 is still up for some fun

You need to stick the R6 in a low gear to keep its en­gine singing sweetly

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