Pe­drosa has al­ways been the quiet man of Mo­toGP. Un­til the last few years his awk­ward­ness in the spot­light was close to Casey Stoner lev­els. That’s why peo­ple called him ‘Pe­drobot’, be­cause he was so stony-faced when the cam­eras were on him. Like Stoner, he loves rac­ing mo­tor­cy­cles, ev­ery­thing else is an un­wanted dis­trac­tion.

But Pe­drosa isn’t con­vinced that some of the rid­ers who play up to the cam­eras are be­ing to­tally sin­cere. “Just be­cause I don’t al­ways smile doesn’t mean I’m not en­joy­ing my­self,” he said some years ago. “I think some rac­ers just show an­other face when they are off the bike.”

Pe­drosa was born to a work­ing­class fam­ily from a Barcelona sub­urb, but now he’s very rich. That’s what 13 years as a fac­tory Mo­toGP rider does for you, so long as you don’t blow your cash on pri­vate jets and other glit­ter­ing trin­kets, and Pe­drosa tends not to fall into that trap.

The only man to have won at least one GP a year over 16 sea­sons, Pe­drosa will still be around in Mo­toGP for the next few years. He has joined KTM as Mo­toGP test rider, which means lots of time on the bike and min­i­mal time in front of the cam­eras. Per­fect.

Pe­drosa has never warmed to be­ing in the pub­lic eye

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