De-clut­terDe- clut­ter your train­ing to get fit­ter, faster

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For­get com­plex work­outs. Form and in­ten­sity are king

Max­i­mum ef­fort, min­i­mum fuss. That should be your fit­ness mantra, ac­cord­ing to a study from Southamp­ton So­lent Uni­ver­sity, which found that train­ing in­ten­sity and good form are vastly more im­por­tant than ex­er­cise or­der, fre­quency or com­plex­ity.

The study in­ves­ti­gated the value of pre-ex­haus­tion train­ing, where the tar­get mus­cles are ex­hausted with iso­la­tion ex­er­cises be­fore com­pound lifts to pro­vide greater stim­u­la­tion. Three groups of vol­un­teers were given com­pa­ra­ble ex­er­cise pro­grammes but with dif­fer­ent ex­er­cise or­ders and rest pe­ri­ods. Af­ter 12 weeks, the re­sults were strik­ingly sim­i­lar.

The or­der of ex­er­cises and time spent rest­ing had min­i­mal to no ben­e­fit. The most im­por­tant fac­tor was per­form­ing the moves with good form and max­i­mum com­mit­ment. The study even found that sig­nif­i­cant strength gains can be made from just two 23-minute ses­sions per week, as long as in­ten­sity is max­imised. So next time you hit the gym, keep it sim­ple. Do the clas­sic com­pound lifts, go hard, then go home.

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